This Genius Toy Can Play Everything From Peek-A-Boo To Catch With Your Kid

Hi, let's talk about Fisher-Price's newest little member of the family, Rollin’ Rovee, and how he kind of looks like the baby of a Roomba and a Furby in the best way possible. The Fisher-Price's Rollin' Rovee toy has a light-up face with huge round eyes, but plush arms that are designed to play with an interactive ball and make Rovee do all those rolling and tumbling tricks he's named for. Set to be released in fall 2020, Rovee comes with four modes of play to engage your baby from 6 months up to 5 years old. Bonus? He knows over 190 songs, tunes, and phrases, so you won’t get sick of hearing the same song over and over. (Welcome to our learning farm, anyone?)

Before your baby is crawling, they can sit and play peek-a-boo with Rovee, blow kisses, say “sooo big,” clap along with baby, and wave or high-five. Stage two encourages your little one to crawl after Rovee as he rolls around, lighting up, singing, and counting to 10. Then comes the dancing and game stage, which honestly sounds so entertaining. This level encourages toddlers to move, dance, and play along with Rovee. Older kiddos can also play “catch” with Rovee by placing the ball in front of its face where Rovee can pick it up and throw it back. (Fair warning, the ball looks exactly like a tennis ball, and I can imagine some living breathing furry friends may think this part of the toy belongs to them.)

Rovee looks like a toy that can actually be beneficial to you, too — imagine how occupied your toddler will be chasing Rovee around the house and throwing the ball? The new toy retails for $50, which also seems very worth it for a product designed to last almost five years. You'll find Rovee and his sweet lit-up face in stores this fall.