The Fisher-Price Home Office Set Lets Your Kids "Work" So *You* Can Cry For Snacks

by Cat Bowen

Kids mimic their parents and family during their pretend play, so right now, it's going to look a little different. Toy manufacturers are adapting right alongside the children, and Fisher-Price's new line of pretend play toys really fit the moment.

Basically, with the exception of frantic bleaching and sanitizing, Fisher- Price has everything lined up for your kids to play pretend during this extremely weird time. There are four sets in total coming soon, but the real winner is the home office set of toys, which really hits you right in the solar plexus. It has a laptop, a baby takeout coffee cup, headset, and a tablet with stick-on apps for $25. You can pre-order it now, and it's officially released on Aug. 28. Oddly, it does not come with yoga pants or basketball shorts to be worn with a crisp blazer on top, but I feel like you can improvise on that one. (Maybe you can be the crying toddler begging for more screen time as your kid works?)

The set is so great because one of the most fun things you get to experience as a parent is seeing how your child mimes your behavior. Yes, sometimes it can feel like an absolute roast — like when your child bangs on their fake laptop, screaming, "it's broken, I quit" — but it's hilarious all the same. It's possible that my kids would stare down at the laptop while mouthing words and typing, making wild faces while they frantically chug coffee. I'm not saying they've seen this before anywhere, but I'm not saying they haven't.

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And the other new role play sets? Just as awesome. I imagine that my nephew will pick up his Fisher-Price Baby Biceps set, do a few reps, and then sit down with their dog to fake scroll on his plastic iPhone, which is pretty much how I imagine my brother works out. The set will be available fall 2020, and it comes with four gym-themed baby toys like a kettle ball rattle and tiny dumbbell. There is also a jingling protein shake, which is adorable.

There's also a tiny tourist gift set — complete with pretend camera, crinkly bottle of sunscreen, and a teether shaped like a passport — as well as a Cutest Chef set that has a crinkle recipe card and an oven mitt teether. Have they seen you crinkle up a recipe in disgust after you burned dinner? Let them have at it with their own set. These sets are also available fall 2020.

We live in the weirdest of timelines, so why not let our children have some fun with it, while also letting them explore their own personalities through imaginative, interactive play? I can't think of a more entertaining way to bruise one's ego.