This Little People Line Honors Frontline Workers Like Nurses & Grocery Store Workers

by Cat Bowen

Now more than ever, it is clear that our first responders and other essential workers on the frontline are the real superheroes of our country. In order to support their efforts, Mattel has developed a line of toys that highlight their service, and all net profits from the new #ThankYouHeroes from Little People will be donated to the #FirstRespondersFirst charity.

This new special edition line of collectible action figures and Little People Community Champions will honor and highlight the individuals leading the fight against COVID-19, along with the everyday heroes working in our communities to keep us all fed and happy. This will be the first of "several brand efforts from Mattel designed to support today’s heroes" and more will be coming as Mattel gives back to communities with their Play it Forward platform.

The charity is great, and the toys are fantastic, but the ability for children to see these real, frontline workers as the superheroes they are is possibly the most wonderful part about it. As the wife of a cop and the daughter of a nurse, I know that these people willingly risk their lives every day because they know that they are the best suited to do it. Kids should see them as superheroes because they are. When my husband dons his uniform, or when my mother wears tight masks for long shifts to care for COVID-19 patients, they aren't just slipping into their work gear — they're putting on their superhero uniforms.


Fisher Price’s #ThankYouHeroes lineup will include 16 different action figures that span a selection of doctors, nurses, EMTs, and delivery drivers. (Who cannot be brushed aside.) They are also introducing a special five-character Little People set that will have a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver, and grocery store worker. You know, the heroes of this crisis.

The charity the proceeds will be supporting, First Responders First, is the brainchild of Thrive Global's Arianna Huffington. She said, "We launched #FirstRespondersFirst to support healthcare workers and their families who are on the frontlines of this pandemic." They will be fundraising to "provide essential supplies, equipment, accommodations, child care, food, mental health support and other resources for protecting frontline healthcare workers and their patients." And Mattel is chipping in big time. They are committed to making face shields, cloth masks, and hospital gowns to assure that our first responders have what they need.

My family already loves Little People, and I could not love Barbie more than I already do. If you can, now is a great time to buy a Mattel toy to help support frontline workers. And also because a new toy might occupy your child for a few minutes and let you have a relaxing moment of zen in this uncertain time.