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Follow The 'Big Brother 18' Cast On Social Media & Keep Up With Your Favorite Houseguests

Big Brother 18 is coming to an end and it has been one crazy season. Filled with showmances, fights, and all out drama, this season has been one for the books. However, just because you'll no longer be able to watch you favorite houseguests on the live feeds 24/7 that doesn't mean you can't still keep up with them. After the show the houseguests will be free to return to the real world and that includes social media. Here's how to follow the Big Brother 18 cast on social media after the finale.

Although the cast members are completely cut off from the outside world while in the house, unable to talk to their family or friends, once they're evicted they can return to the real world, which includes Twitter and Instagram, unless they're in jury. Therefore the first five houseguests that were evicted have already returned to social media. While others have been more vocal about who they're rooting for and who they're hoping loses it all, others have been some what quiet, happy to just watch the ongoings of the show without much comment. One thing all the evicted houseguests have been doing the past week, however, is campaigning to win America's Favorite Player, which will be announced on finale night.

Below you can find every Big Brother 18 houseguest's Twitter and Instagram, if available, and follow all your favorites. Make sure to tune into CBS on Sept. 21 at 9:30 p.m. EST to see who walks away with the $500,000 grand prize this season and who's America's favorite player.

Glenn Garcia

Twitter: @GLENNNBX

Instagram: @glennbx

Jozea Flores

Twitter: @jossie_flores

Instagram: @realmrflores

Bronte D'Acquisto

Twitter: @bbbronte18

Instagram: @bronteanned

Tiffany Rousso

Twitter: @TiffanyAlexis04

Instagram: @tiffanyalexis04

Frank Eudy

Twitter: @Frankeudy

Instagram: @thefrankeudy

Da'Vonne Rogers

Twitter: @DayDaVonne_

Instagram: @davonnedianne_

Zakiyah Everette

Unfortunately Zakiyah's Instagram page is private, however you can request to follow her here. Zakiyah also doesn't seem to have an official Twitter account.

Bridgette Dunning

Twitter: @BridgetteD_BB18

Instagram: @bbbridgette18

Paulie Calafiore

Twitter: @PaulieC116

Instagram: @pr_calafiore

Michelle Meyer

Twitter: @MichelleMBB18

Unfortunately Michelle doesn't seem to have an active Instagram account.

Natalie Negrotti

Twitter: @Natalie_BB18

Natalie's Instagram is currently private but you can request to follow her here.

Victor Arroyo

Twitter: @Victor_BB18

Instagram: @elfitvic

Corey Brooks

Twitter: @coreybrooks34

Instagram: @coreybrooks

Nicole Franzel

Twitter: @nicole_franzel

Instagram: @coconuts_

James Huling

Twitter: @AsianJamesBB17

Instagram: @jhuling

Paul Abrahamian

Twitter: @deadskull35

Instagram: @deadskull