Ford’s Car & Crib Hybrid Is The Bassinet Of The Future

Long car rides are soothing, there's no doubt about it. The soft sounds and steady rocking can make even the fussiest babies fall asleep. So who better than a car company to engineer a perfect night's sleep? Ford's car and crib hybrid wants your baby to have the best sleep ever. And hey, if your baby's sleeping better, you're likely sleeping better, too; It's a total win-win.

Ford's technology for their "MAX Motor Dreams" crib is lot more complex than the plastic race car bed you might be picturing. In fact, it doesn't really resemble a car at all. In addition to its bright and sleek design (touting a "Ford" logo, no less), the small bassinet features a "restrained engine noise," "gentle movement imitating a car journey," and "LEDs that simulate street lights." The sights, sounds, and sways are all engineered to put babies right to sleep. What's more, the crib can connect to an app that actually records your own car's movements, trip to trip, so that you're able to replicate those specific patterns for your sleeping baby. Developed by Ford designers in Spain, the contraption is about as high-tech as a crib could get.

But why is it that cars and cribs go hand-in-hand? Speaking to the Philly Voice, Joanne Getsy, director of the Drexel University Sleep Center, explains that children fall asleep easily in cars because the vehicles "womb-like." "You’re in this car and protected and warm and cozy." Getsy insists, acknowledging that white noise is a definite help.

You can watch the MAX Motor Dreams crib in action below:

You have to admit, that's got to be the coolest crib around. Whether you're into for its form or its function, there are plenty of reasons to covet the car-crib hybrid. Sadly, though, it seems like it might be awhile before families can get their hands on a unit of their own. Only one MAX Motor Dreams crib has been produced thus far, and it's going to go to a very lucky raffle winner; The MAX Motor Dreams sweepstakes is open to participants who try out any car in Ford's MAX range.

Initially, the prototype wasn't meant to be a household fixture, but, "following numerous enquiries, the company is considering putting the unique cot into full‑scale production," Ford's website shared. “The Max Motor Dreams could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better," noted designer Alejandro López Bravo, so why wouldn't they let more parents in on all the excellence?