These Fridababy Eucalyptus Bath Bombs Will Soothe Even The Snottiest Toddler

Is there anything worse than a snotty, coughing, miserable kid? It's so hard watching your child struggle through the fits and sweats, the aches and sniffles. They're so young, they can't understand why everything hurts. Colds are hard to treat, but steamy baths have long been standard procedure to help littles feel better. Now, thankfully, a popular company has made them even better with Fridababy's natural vapor bath bombs, which bubble and fizz as they soothe.

The bath bomb trend is still going strong, and these lavender and eucalyptus-infused vapor bath bombs from Fridababy are making the most of it by helping your child find just a little more comfort at day's end. As they put it, these bombs are for "when your kiddo’s airways are more congested than the airport on Thanksgiving." Since Fridababy is all about safety, these bombs are free of any dyes or artificial fragrances, but still bubble and calm as much as their more colorful counterparts. At $7.99 for three bath bombs, the cost is on-par with other bombs that aren't specifically designed to help clear up congestion in children and adults ages 2 and up.

When my daughter has a cold, she wants to live in the bathtub. The soothing quality of the steam, the rushing sound of the tap, and the warm embrace of the bubbly water cocooning her sore muscles zen her out like few other things. We've done all sorts of bath bombs and epsom salts. She's even had some fancy bath salts from The Body Shop and other places, but none with eucalyptus. I can imagine that the menthol quality of the eucalyptus oil would open her sinuses like the blue salve my grandmother used to rub all over my chest as a child — without burning.

Eucalyptus is well known for its purported congestion beating properties. Prevention recently wrote an article about how people are stringing up long eucalyptus branches under the hot stream of their shower to release the vapors into the air. While that's all well and good for grown ups, little ones with grabby hands and bath toys need something a bit more bubbly. That's what makes Fridababy's natural vapor bath bombs so great.

Again, I must reiterate that these are for children over the age of 2. Essentially, these are for kids who are no longer drinking their bathwater, or chewing on their washcloth that definitely just wiped their butt. (Don't tell me your kid hasn't done it.) As for the eucalyptus branches? They're pretty, but I'm pretty sure my husband would somehow manage to make a mess with them, and I am simply not here for any of that. I have enough messes to clean up without adding "pick leaves out of the drain" to my list.

Fridababy is known for their innovative products like the perennially popular snot sucker, and the genius Medifrida accu-dose pacifier that puts the medicine right in the nipple of pacifier, making sure it's all taken. However, my favorite product by a mile is their Fridababy Fridaballs — kid-proof underwear for dads. (Basically boxer briefs with a built-in cup.) Their products, all of them, are amazing, and I'm certain these bath bombs are going to be equally as wonderful. Your kid will love the bubbly treatment and being able to breathe out of their nose.