Friday Is Albus Potter's First Day At Hogwarts, In Case You Felt Like Crying

Break out your copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and maybe a box of Kleenex), because Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 is Albus Potter's first day at Hogwarts. That's right, Harry's son is 11, you're still not a wizard, and all we are is dust in the wind. Author J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to announce that the Potter family would send their son off on the Hogwarts Express for the first time, and fans are just bursting with emotions.

Those who are lucky enough to live near King's Cross Station in London came out in full force (and costume), which was probably somewhat annoying for commuters, but that's too bad. It's a special day; your job can wait (no word on how many wannabe wizards got a concussion trying in vain to walk through a brick wall to access Platform 9¾). If you're stuck across the pond, there's no need to climb Mount Greylock in Western Massachusetts looking for the gates of Ilvermorny; there's an all-new Hogwarts Experience on Pottermore that lets you explore the castle, grounds, and Forbidden Forest from the comfort of your own couch. That ought to hold you until you finally make it to Universal Studios, right?

Upon learning the news that their favorite childhood icon is now old enough to send his own kid off to boarding school, fans were feeling all the feels.

So artsy. Excuse me, there's something in my eye...

How come nobody ever talks about the feast?

He was so tiny! Such a tiny little baby!

Girl, it's not our fault you have zero P.R. game. Maybe pitch a Tina and Queenie prequel if you're so hungry for students.

No. No. Don't you show me that scene. Harry is a kid and he always will be.

Yeah, right. Nobody wants to be a Hufflepuff. I'd rather be a House Elf than a Hufflepuff.

I'll give you a moment to wrap your head around the fact that somebody actually took the time to create a Professor McGonagall bot.

These tickets alone are worth the price of admission! Wait, how much is a pound worth again?

Even the actors got in on the fun. Here's Lucius Malfoy, that rat.

That's so George. Or is it Fred?

Smart move, Freeform. We didn't have plans for the next two days, right?

And finally, Rowling has a reminder for fans who are disappointed that they're not on the train right now:

If anyone needs me, I'll be sobbing into my Butterbeer.