Fugglers Are The Newest Viral Toy Sensation That Will Haunt Your Dreams

If regular stuffed animals are simply too tame for your family's taste, then there's a new creature in town you're sure to love. Well, assuming they don't completely creep you out. The Fuggler dolls are ugly-cute stuffed animals available for adoption now. Bring a few of them into your family home if you dare, or give them as gifts to all your weirdest friends and relatives. You know the ones I'm talking about.

Already a hit in the UK, the quirky Fuggler dolls have only recently arrived in the US. With over 50 characters to collect, available in 9 or 12 inch sizes, these little monsters are happy to become your next collecting obsession. There are even rare characters available with glow-in-the dark teeth and eyes for a little extra creepy factor. You can have whole shelves of these things in your home just to make guests a bit less comfortable.

Because Fugglers are not yet available for sale online, anyone who wants one of these creatures will need to visit an actual physical store. At this time, Fugglers are available at Target, GameStop, Hot Topic, and specialty retailers for $14.99 to $24.99. When you get a Fuggler, there's even an adoption process and certificate that will make the Fuggler yours forever. Whether this is actually a good thing remains to be seen.

Courtesy Of Spin Master

Oh, and the toothy monsters have also invaded social media in the best way possible. The official Fuggler Instagram features loads of pics of these whacked-out dolls sure make your feed more toothy and bizarre and upsetting. I mean, some of the Fugglers even pose for selfies in the most unnerving way possible. No, thank you.

Now you can never unsee this image. I'm sorry.

The name Fuggler describes the "funny-ugly monsters", as noted on the website. Unlike traditional stuffed dolls, which are appealing and cute, Fugglers are all hilariously unsettling. Their eyes bug out of their heads, squinting or staring or vacant. Sometimes there are more than two, and sometimes the eyes are missing entirely. Many of the characters look like malformed teddy bears or woodland animals, whereas others are purely creatures of their own making. All of the Fugglers look a bit worse for the wear, like they've seen some bad stuff in their time.

But the most defining aspect of any Fuggler are its teeth. They are supposedly not made from real human teeth, but I'm not convinced. They look too real. Those mismatched molars and incisors look like something straight from the dentist's office of your nightmares.

Courtesy Of Spin Master

Created about eight years ago, Fugglers are the brainchild of an inventor known only as Mrs. McGettrick. When Mrs. McGettrick happened across a set of fake teeth sold on eBay, she purchased the creepy find and affixed them to dolls of her own creation, as explained by Business Insider. Her Etsy shop selling the dolls exploded in popularity, and images of the Fugglers have been amusing and creeping out people ever since. It looks like the original Etsy shop, cathairandteeth, is on a hiatus while the Spin Master toy brand takes over the creation and distribution of Fugglers. The shop does have a reassuring note explaining that the Fuggler's chompers are not made from real human teeth, so I do appreciate that insight.

Invented on a whim, these creepy and cute Fuggler dolls are now ready to invade homes all over the world. They're an Etsy success story, these homespun little monsters who made the big time. Whether you start your own collection or just send them out to your strangest friends, chances are you'll never forget these toothy creatures.