These Inflatable Sleds Are A *Dream* For Snowy Days (& For Storage, Honestly)

by Cat Bowen
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I am a bit of a sled aficionado — I grew up in Ohio, near Lake Erie, and the snow was abundant. Sledding and listening to the radio for snow day school cancellations were the best parts of winter in Ohio, so these inflatable sleds from Funboy would've been dream come true for us. They're light, you can deflate them for storage — which means you can have more of them — and they provide much needed cushion for your snow battered backside.

Launched in late October, Funboy now has a bunch of different options ranging from inflatable snowmobiles with a weight capacity of 250 pounds, to an inflatable alpine sled, snow tube, and even a toboggan. I cannot tell if me or my kids will be more excited by these. (Just kidding, it's definitely me.) For the adults, there is also a "shotski," which is an inflatable ski with spaces for four shot glasses. Because nothing says safe sledding like adding hard alcohol. (Seriously though, sled responsibly.)

When I was a kid, we were pretty hardcore about sledding, and these inflatable sleds from Funboy would've been so much fun to have around. We had a huge backyard with a big hill leading to the house, and we would build a snowbank on the back of the house, with a sled track leading right into it. (It was the '90s, and there was hardly any supervision.) We would pour water down the track to turn it to ice, and spray cooking spray on the bottom of our sleds to make it faster. In hindsight, this was a very bad idea. We shot down the hill like canons. But I can't help but think how much faster we'd have been on these inflatable sleds. Specifically, the alpine sled.

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I mean, it might have even been more comfortable. We never had an inflatable sled. We had the plastic or wood styles that eventually wear divots into your butt and thighs. I don't see that happening here. It's all bounce and no bruise.

It's almost unfortunate I'm a responsible parent who will make my kids put on helmets to ride with these inflatable sleds, and they won't be within 50 yards of cooking spray or bottles of water. But they'll still have an incredibly good time.

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