The New Funko Pop 'Harry Potter' Advent Calendar Is Here & It's On Sale

Advent calendars are a time-honored way of adding to the excitement of counting down to Christmas, giving kids a little present each day they get a closer to the holiday. This year, fans of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Hogwarts crew can have even more magical fun with the new Funko Harry Potter advent calendar. What's not to love?

The reason that Advent calendars have been a holiday staple in a lot of homes for years is that with the opening of every door comes a surprise treat, usually in the form of candy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional, sugary way of doing the advent calendar, but the Harry Potter one is a bit different because instead of chocolate, you get a new little Funko figurine every day.

The Advent calendar has 24 little closed doors, each one numbered for a day in December. Starting on Dec. 1, every day you pop open one of the doors to reveal a new little vinyl figurine. You're sure to get a Funko figure for each of the three famous wizard friends, but beyond that will be a total surprise, and every ghost, witch, and elf is fair game.

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Right now you can get the amazing Advent calendar for under $40, which is a real steal considering you get 24 figurines (and a lot of fun) out of it. And while this item won't be released until October 15, you can pre-order at any time (in fact, you probably should pre-order as soon as possible, knowing how quickly these things tend to sell out).


Start a new tradition, where for every day you open a door and get a new figure you also read a little bit from one of the Harry Potter books to complete it by Christmas Day. If you also have a good recipe for butterbeer, then you're set!