The Funko 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Advent Calendar Is So Perfect

I am a devoted fan of pretty much all things Tim Burton, and any chance to make a moment a little extra special with some of his characters is more than OK with me. And this is absolutely why I squealed when I saw the Funko Nightmare Before Christmas advent calendar. It's festive and nerdy and so much fun.

Now, chances are, if you're a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas, you're already a fan of Funko Pop! figurines. They are in the same vein of nerdery. Even if you don't own one, you've seen them, you like them, and you've definitely thought of buying a few. If that's the case, this Nightmare Before Christmas advent calendar might be the entry point you've been looking for. Priced at $40, and available for pre-order right now at major retailers, this set will start your collection with 24 new, mini characters all from the scenes of the movie. Just unveil a new one each day to have your own combo version of Halloweentown and Christmastown.

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Personally, I love Funko Pop!, and my kids have a ton of them, but I've always been too intimidated to start my own collection. I really wanted the Game of Thrones figures, but couldn't decide where to begin. With my kids' collections, it's simple — they buy what they like, and ignore what they don't. But I need a more structured approach. I don't want to have The Hound hanging out with Jack Skellington without some context, you know? If I get the calendar, all that guesswork is off the table, and I can arrange them as I see fit — seasonally or otherwise.

But this is a great way to start, and this is a wicked fun way to count down to Christmas. It doesn't take itself too seriously, it's wildly secular if you're not a religious person, and if you love the movie, you're going to love the figurines.