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Funniest GOP Town Hall Tweets Prove Just How Strange The Race Has Become


On Tuesday night, the final three Republican candidates sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper in Wisconsin to make their pitches for why they should win the presidential nomination. Or, in the case of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, to make their pitches for why reality star/playground bully Donald Trump should not get the nomination. At this point, it's hard to believe that this political cycle is still real life and not some elaborate dream sequence, but believe it we must. Over on Twitter, the funniest GOP Town Hall Tweets proved just how strange the race has become.

To quickly recap some of the more bizarre developments in the race going into the night: Trump and Cruz have been scuffling over their respective wives, with Trump threatening to "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz after a Super PAC made an advertisement showing Melania Trump posing nude. Ted Cruz may or may not have had a sex scandal over which everyone's trying not to think too hard. Trump's campaign manager was charged with battery after allegedly grabbing a reporter. And Kasich? Well, he's mainly stayed out of the fray, which hasn't done him any favors in racking up delegates.

The candidates went one at a time on Tuesday night, with Cruz kicking things off, Trump taking the second slot, and Kasich the last to go. For the candidates, the town hall was an important chance to shore up support before primary voting in Wisconsin on April 5, the next big election. For the public, however, the town hall was an important chance to laugh and cry on social media at the state of American politics.

I'm suddenly feeling a strange urge to watch Ted Cruz do karaoke. But only for about a minute. And let's be real, he wouldn't sing Backstreet Boys. He'd go for showtunes all the way.

And for those missing the faces of the Democratic contenders, Twitter served up plenty of imaginary reaction shots:

Between Anderson Cooper telling Trump that his "I didn't start this" response to the wife-bashing was the "argument of a five-year-old," and all three candidates walking back on the loyalty pledge they took at the beginning of the election to support the eventual nominee, it was an eventful town hall. At least those frustrated by the evening could take some solace in social media, although with the way that things keep going, it gets harder and harder to laugh.