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Funniest Super Bowl 50 Tweets Because You Don't Need Cable To Appreciate The Humor

There's no denying that the Super Bowl is one of the United States' most faithfully observed holidays, but the reason why this day, of all days, is important, is evolving. If you don't care about football, you can care about the commercials and if you don't care about the commercials, you can care about the halftime performance and if you don't care about any of the above at all, you can care about social media's reaction to the biggest game (and most expensive commercials) of the year. And that means caring specifically about the funniest tweets of Super Bowl 50.

Should everyone care about the Xs and Os of the game of football? Maybe, I guess? It honestly depends. The truth is, you don't need to have an intimate understanding of the game to understand why it is so entertaining, and why people should at least try to appreciate and/or enjoy it. Athleticism aside, the Super Bowl, like many televised events, from the Golden Globes to The Bachelor, into an opportunity to show your wits and talent for 140-character criticism on Twitter. And the 2016 Super Bowl is no exception. There is some major hilarity happening on social media on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some of the funniest tweets of the night.

On The Halftime Show

On The Avocados Ad

On The Ad

On One Of The Greats

On The Mountain Dew Ad

On The Inherent Mismatch

On Feeling The Impact Of 'Grease: Live!'

On Not Being Over Katy Perry

On The Post-Halftime Pace, Among Other Things

On All Of Those Poop Commercials

On That Guy Who Looked So Displeased

On The Basics

Thanks, Twitter, for making Super Bowl 50 that much more fun.