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Trump Pretended To Drive A Truck & Twitter Exploded

Sometimes you need a fun distraction to take your mind off of work stresses such as, I don't know, a flailing healthcare bill. Luckily, President Donald Trump managed to enjoy himself amid the chaos this week, finding solace in the driver's seat of a Mack truck. There was a good reason for him to be clambering into the cabin of a huge truck, of course, but the funniest Trump truck tweets, shown below, manage to capture just exactly what was so hilarious about seeing the president totally lose it over getting to honk an 18 wheeler's horn.

If you were to hear that the president was miming truck driver motions to welcoming crowds on the South Lawn, your first question would probably be "...why?" Apparently, various truck drivers and CEOs were invited to the White House from the American Trucking Association to discuss their health care concerns, as the GOP AHCA bill waits on its vote. As part of the presidential pomp any White House interaction entails, Trump was given the opportunity to pose with one of the group's 18 wheelers as well.

After the truck trial, the group later met in the Cabinet room, where Trump (donning an "I Heart Trucks" pin) bonded with his visitors, sharing: "No one knows America like truckers know America." He added, "You see it every day. You see every hill, and you see every valley and you see every pothole in our roads that have to be rebuilt."

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In addressing his healthcare plan, Trump first spoke to rising healthcare costs, saying:

Many of you were forced to buy health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. You experienced a crippling rise in premiums, and a dramatic loss in options. And you just take a look at what's happened to the costs, and it's incredible.

During his statements, it was revealed that the House's vote on Trump's healthcare plan would be postponed, taking place on Friday instead of later that same day. When informed of this, Trump reportedly just shrugged in response. But, really, can you blame him? He'd already had a super fun day playing with big-rigs and didn't need anyone to rain on his parade.

Without further ado, here are some Trump truck tweets curated for your absolute enjoyment:

Photos of the president fist pumping, whooping, and pretending to scream while gripping the wheel were truly too good to pass up, and Twitter's not one to let a meme with such potential pass. Anyone with kids, or with childhood dreams of trucking, can understand the thrill of being given the chance to sit way up high. Though he hasn't yet commented on any of the #TrumpTruck tweets, Trump did tweet out a slideshow that included video of his shining moment:

What a time to be alive.