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Funniest #TwoWordTrump Tweets To Keep You Entertained Until The Next Big Primary

On Super Tuesday, business mogul Donald Trump collected enough delegates to possibly win the Republican presidential nomination. In times of crisis, sometimes laughter is the only thing to help you get through the day. Which is why non-Trump supporters began circulating a hashtag today asking users to describe the reality television star and billionaire in two words. The funniest #TwoWordTrump tweets are bound to keep you entertained until the next big primary, even if you love the guy.

Come on now, Trump fans, buck up. If there's one thing that everyone loves, or loves to hate, about the candidate is that he doesn't mince words. He often reminds voters himself that he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to "tell it like it is" or insult people he feels need to be insulted. The hashtag is more about seeing if he can take what he dishes out more than anything else.

Most recently, Trump has been enjoying taking shots at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who is lagging just close enough behind the hotelier to make him nervous. In the past week, Trump has mocked Rubio for sweating and sipping a Poland Spring during his 2013 State of the Union rebuttal, called him a "lightweight" over and over again in speeches, and just generally mocked the man. Which is why Sen. Rubio was one of the first to join in on the Twitter fun this afternoon:

Things are starting to get out of hand when two Republican presidential candidates are taking to Twitter to take pot shots at each other. (Then again, this is the 2016 race, and so far, "ridiculous" seems to be the general theme.) Is the #TwoWordTrump hashtag a little meanspirited? Perhaps. But since Trump prides himself on being a a bit of a bully (or at least not shying away from displaying bully-like characteristics), it's only fair the other side gets to have some fun.

Here are some hilarious tweets to keep even fervent Trump supporters laughing through the primary season. And for all the Trump-haters out there? Things are usually funny because they're true, so you might not need to feel too bad about browsing these #TwoWordTrump definitions.


A Thorn In The GOP's Side:

A Source Of Inspiration:

A Fearful Presence:

... And The Inspiration Behind These Gems:

Trump is usually quick to tease others, so it's not entirely inappropriate of Twitter to lay into the candidate today. Let's all just hope the discourse can become civil again before the next debate. Throwing insult tweets won't get us anywhere, no matter what side you're on.