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These Corinne Memes Will Cure Your Weekday Blues

Corinne from The Bachelor is basically a walking, talking meme. Every new episode brings with it some new quirk or catchphrase from Corinne that is bound to go down in Bach history — or at least get a lot of mileage on Twitter. Corinne may not be getting along very well with all the girls in the house, but she's proven to be comedy gold otherwise. And these funny memes about Corinne from The Bachelor make it clear that she's inspiring fans on Twitter with every word that comes out of her mouth.

Just think of all the new things Corinne has taught you! Before Corinne, you had probably never heard the phrase "cheese pasta," much less knew its apparently very precise and difficult to achieve recipe. Corinne's creative vocabulary ("planned dancing," anyone?), her penchant for napping wherever she lands, and the fact that she has an actual nanny at age 24 are all factors that have conspired to make Corinne the most meme-worthy contestant since Chad and his habit of demolishing entire plates of cold cuts. Corinne may have been branded a villain, but her bizarre turns of phrase will unwittingly endear the audience to her even if they don't quite do the same for all the ladies living alongside her. For example...

Nap Where You Are Planted

Corinne's sleeping has provided some of the easiest to meme moments from the show. Not only does she fall asleep on any couch she's sitting on, but she also naps her way through rose ceremonies. But when called out for it, Corinne is quick with a defense: there have been many greats throughout history who napped! These tweets elaborate on nap history when they're not reveling in how relatable Corinne can be.

She Has Style, She Has Flair

The fact that Corinne is an adult woman with an actual nanny is just rife with intrinsic humor. But I'm not sure Fran Fine would put up with Corinne's antics quite as much as her real life nanny Raquel does.

What Exactly Is Cheese Pasta?

Some Twitter users attempt to give Corinne helpful tips about how to make cheese pasta since she insists she can't do it like Raquel does. Others attempt to figure out just what cheese pasta is. Is it grated cheese on plain pasta? Is it macaronic and cheese? Is it slices of swiss on a Macbook pro? Only Raquel knows.

Give In To Your Dark Side

Everyone has a little angel and a devil on their shoulder guiding them in how to react to things, but Corinne can always be counted on to choose the option that causes the most drama between her and the other contestants (while conveniently earning Corinne the most screen time too.

Planned Dancing

Corinne's dancing skills may not necessarily be epic, but they are epically amusing, particularly when you find just the right gif to represent them.

Can I Steal You For A Minute?

Few words are more ominous than Corinne asking, "Can I steal you for a minute?" while she appears out of the shadows during Nick's date with another woman. But don't worry, she'll let the other woman finish eventually. The etiquette of interrupting and re-interrupting is one of Corinne's specialties.

A Regina George In Sheep's Clothing

Twitter has drawn more than a few comparisons between Corinne and the most quotable movie of all time, Mean Girls. Whether you think Corinne is a Regina or a Karen, the other women have still felt personally attacked by her no matter what she does or doesn't do.

Corinne is a wild card in the house, a contestant whose behavior can never quite be predicted, but who nevertheless gives viewers one hilarious gift after another. The Bachelor mansion might be more peaceful and less contentious without Corinne around, but it wouldn't be half as funny.