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These #Superb_Owl Tweets Will Make Your Night

While the rest of America is distracted by their various miniature fried foods and sporting shenanigans, the real event has been happening on Twitter, where funny #Superb_owl tweets from Super Bowl LI are already taking center stage. If you don't know what the "Superb Owl" is, no worries — you didn't fall asleep on pop culture and miss something of great importance (read: the Puppy Bowl). This is borne of some good old-fashioned Twitter lols — as it turns out, accidental misspellings of "super bowl" as "superb owl" are at an all-time high in the days before the event, prompting users to hop onto the "#superbowl" hashtag and bring some superb owls into the spotlight on this day otherwise taken up by football and yelling at the television. And really, is it ever a bad time to spread some owl-related love?

In fact, this outpouring for superb owls on the day of the Super Bowl has now become something of a tradition, since the original memes for this day go a few years back. This year, however, we have some #science in addition to the memes. If you scroll down the hashtag, you won't just find sick pictures and funny jokes about owls, but actually come out of it learning a useful tip or two about owls you can bring to your next owl trivia night at the bar. (No, YOU need to find more productive ways to spend your time!)

In any case, Superb Owl Twitter is getting lit right now. Here are some quality owl tweets, courtesy of the nerds of the internet.


A Simple Case Of Identity Confusion

Honestly, far more embarrassing than misspelling "Super Bowl".

This Future Linebacker

Though she may be tiny but she be fierce.

Do It For Hedwig

May that sassy lil' sidekick rest in peace.

All Of Us By Half Time

Will we eat half our body weight in snacks by 8 p.m.? Yes. Will we get up to dance to Lady Gaga anyway? HECK. YESSSSS.

... All Of Us On Monday Morning

Remember that time everyone had to go to work in the morning after this?

This Mascot's Realness Is Next Level

Can we have an actual Superb Owl event?

Don't forget to tell your friends — Superb Owl night only comes but once a year.