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Funny Tweets About School This Year To Make You Laugh & Cry At The Same Time


School hasn't even started for most Americans, and it's already a crapshow. No one knows what to expect, and parents are overwhelmed trying to juggle everything. If nothing else, it's made for some quality comedy, judging by these 20 funny tweets from parents about the 2020 school year.

I swear, even though my children are going to school remotely this year, I kind of want to buy 18 boxes of crayons and three boxes of tissues just to feel like we're being productive. I know on a deep level that my children are going to fall behind this year (though that metric is ever-changing, so who knows) and that they'll likely be in their pajamas more often than not, but I'm trying not to stress about it. I mean, we already have enough on our plates with the dang pandemic and trying not to die or infect our loved ones, right? If my kid Zooms her art class from her closet fort, it will surely be OK. It has to be. Apparently, there are plenty of other parents who are feeling similarly bogged down by the lot of it, and they are letting their feelings be known on that most special of places — Twitter.

1. A Back-To-School Riddle For You

2. 100% Will Happen

3. It's A Consideration

4. I Mean...

5. Where Is The Lie?

6. Truth.

7. I Liked The Before Times

8. If Bias Tape Is Involved, I'm Out

9. I Do Miss This Bit

10. Just A Few Things

11. Parents Aren't Good Listeners

12. Potions From Your Kitchen

13. This Is Me

14. No, Really.

15. When Is Time?

16. I'm About To Put Up Curtains

17. Amari Gets It

18. Gut Punch

19. Valid.

20. This One Hurts