This Mama Kangaroo Toy Comes With 3 Baby Joeys She Interacts With & It's *So* Cute

Is it just me, or is there an actual shortage of cute kangaroo toys in stores? I had a stuffed kangaroo when I was little, but sufficed to say, that was a while ago, and I haven't seen as many since. Well Hasbro is correcting this problem with the launch of their adorable furReal Mama Josie and three surprise babies toy ($70), which hits stores this fall. Appropriate for ages 4 and above, Mama Josie is a sweet and cuddly kangaroo that will bring one of Australia's most fascinating creatures into your home for hours of play with your child.

When your child first snuggles up with Mama Josie and her babies, they will discover that one baby 'roo is a boy, one is a girl, and the third is a mystery. This plays right into our kids' weird obsessions with unboxing toys, but it's also a fun way to learn whether the third baby (or "joey," which is their official name) is a boy or girl. Responding to touch, the loving mama kangaroo will care for her little ones and engage with your child, too, thanks to over 70 sound-and-motion reactions, including loving sounds (little kisses!) and feeding sounds (sometimes a hiccup, too… or a burp) after she's had some of her smoothie. Oh, and Mama Josie knows how to relax and have fun, too. She can do a hopping dance and play music at the same time. Whatever she does, she’s sure to keep your child's attention while at the same time teaching your child to care for others, like Mama Josie takes care of her joeys.


Oh yeah, this kangaroo totally takes care of her actual babies. When you put one of her little Joeys in her paws, she'll snuggle and talk to them, and it's enough to make you want to adopt 800 other tiny baby Joeys for Mama Josie. (She... might not be as enthusiastic.) Also can we please talk about her fashionable bow for a minute, too? I'm obsessed.

Mama Josie and her cute little joeys will be available at most major toy retailers this fall. To move and groove, she requires 4 AA batteries. This brings back so many memories for me, and after all Australia has been through the past few months, Mama Josie is even sweeter.