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'Game Of Thrones' Kelly Clarkson Tweet Just Made Today The Best Day Ever

by Carolyn Talya Cakir

Winter may be coming but it seems like the new season of Game of Thrones has taken forever getting here. Thankfully, the wait is over: Fans of HBO’s hit fantasy epic can rest easy when Game of Thrones season 6 premieres tonight. If you don't know what Game of Thrones is then welcome, time-traveler, to the 21st century, we all seemingly have telecommunication devices magnetically attached to our hands now. Everyone, and I mean everyone, watches GoT, including Season 1 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, who received a Game of Thrones tweet from the HBO show itself this week.

On Sunday, the singer tweeted her excitement about the premiere, which coincidentally fell on a very special day for her. “It was really nice of u guys 2 bring back Game of Thrones for my birthday,” she wrote. (Clarkson turns 34 today so the premiere was kind of an extra birthday present for the GoT-loving songstress.) Someone tweeting about GoT is nothing new, even when it’s a celebrity — but what made this tweet especially noteworthy was the HBO show’s reply.

Just a few minutes later, the Game of Thrones official Twitter account sent Clarkson a happy birthday greeting fit for the queen of Westeros. “Happy Name Day, House Clarkson,” the tweet read, alongside a gif of mega-qween Cersei.

The exchange continued after those initial tweets. “Ha! I love it!” Kelly responded. “Can’t wait to watch tonight!” Which, duh, this date has been circled on my calendar for months because I need to know what happens to Jon Snow. Game of Thrones appreciated Clarkson’s obsession, further tweeting a picture of Daenerys Targaryen—with the caption, “Thanks for rallying the realm.” (Oh my god, did GoT just compare Kelly Clarkson to the Mother of Dragons?!)

This isn’t the first time the “Piece by Piece” singer has shown some serious GoT nerd cred. In December, Clarkson posted her family’s Game of Thrones-inspired Christmas card on Instagram. In the snap, the Blackstock clan, posing in front of a manor, are wearing ball gowns and tartan kilts reminiscent of the fantasy series. Fittingly, there’s not a smile in sight—because nothing good ever happens to those living in Westeros—unless you count baby River but she’s too cute in that beret to fault her for it.

Like the cherry on top of an already perfect sundae, Clarkson’s initial tweet was complete with the hashtag "#snowisaliveinmyrealm", which perfectly summarized most fans’ feelings going into Season 6.

Only time will tell if Valar Morghulis (“all men must die”) actually applies to Snow himself (that brooding, hair-model member of the Night’s Watch), but for now at least, this exchange has me, and so many others, fully pumped to see what comes next.