'Game Of Thrones' Oreos Are Coming Soon, Just In Time For The Show's Final Season

Is there nothing that Nabisco can't turn into a delightfully marketable snack? Apparently not. They're like the Kris Jenner of cookie manufacturers. Whether it's pumpkin spice for Halloween, lemon lime for springtime, and pretty much any other themed holiday or cultural event in-between, your favorite sweet treat seriously stepped up their game with their newest release. Game of Thrones Oreos will soon exist, and they'll be here just in time for us to eat our feelings about the final season ending.

When you think of GoT, you probably imagine snarling zombie dragons and uh, winter, because they never stop telling you it's on its way. What you don't think of, however? Snack treats. But that's all about to change. According to Delish, food blogger @candyhunting uploaded a teaser of the package to Instagram recently. Oreo's own verified IG later shared a teaser video — with the caption, "cookies are coming" —  confirming that it is indeed happening.

As seen in @candyhunting's photo on Instagram, the bag is all black with the Nabisco logo on the left, making it that much more verifiable. The name "OREO" is spelled with the two "O's" having slashes through them, like the GoT titular font does. The background is the show's trademark logo that reads the names of the major characters, and the Oreo itself is seen perched on a sort of "Iron Throne." Beneath it reads: "@ForTheThrone," which is HBO's campaign slogan for the last season.

"To preemptively answer some questions: Yes, these are legit. The image is from a very reputable source," the blog explained. "No, these are just normal Oreos in a redesigned package. No, these are not exclusive to a particular store."

@candyhunting went on to explain, "In a partnership nobody saw coming, new Game of Thrones Oreos will be out sometime before the debut of the final season on April 14. I really want to see these built up in the opening sequence. Winterfell, King's Landing, Oreo package, the Wall... Or maybe Daenerys munching on some Oreos while riding Drogon."

Fans and followers of both the snack and the show immediately started posting a chorus of praise in the comments, tagging their friends and fellow GoT fans, declaring that they absolutely need to get their hands on a package, and pondering whether or not these would be essential for the next season premiere party. (Yes, they are essential, for the record.)

"I'd bend the knee," one comment read. "If you think I’m sad enough to buy these because I like GoT, you’re absolutely right!!!" said another. "NEED!!! don’t even care that they’re “regular” Oreos I’m sure they taste different! (Aka better)" said a third.

Given that the show takes pretty epic breaks in between seasons (to be fair, the amount of detail and CGI required to make most of those scenes happen would need upwards of a year to complete, so it's understandable) people have recently been getting excited to welcome GoT back for its very last season, after a whirlwind of a finale last time.

The Hollywood Reporter noted just yesterday that the latest teaser for the finale prepares us to re-enter the series with a few plot points in particular: the power struggle at Winterfell is going to continue, Arya Stark is reintroduced and we'll see a lot of events unfold from her perspective, and the Targaryen army arrives in the North to help fight the Night King and White Walker forces.

Be all of that as it is, it's clear that everyone's really amped for the season to begin. While you wait and prep for your premiere parties, consider that, despite not having a confirmed release date for the cookies, there will be even more to celebrate and incorporate into your festivities.