'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Theories That Are Absolutely Insane & Even More Plausible

After the whopper of a finale, Game of Thrones fans are still reeling from what just happened at the end of Season 6. Danaerys Targaryen is headed to Westeros! Jon Snow is King in the North! Margaery Tyrell is dead! King Tommen jumped to his death! Cersei Lannister is Queen! Arya Stark is back! Put quite simply, a hell of a lot happened in just 70 minutes of television, and the insatiable fans are probably already wanting Game of Thrones Season 7 theories that will tide them over until the next premiere.

Game of Thrones is tricky, but not impossible to predict, and the internet is already abuzz with theories about where it will go from here. This time around will be especially hard, as it is officially the first time in which fans have no book material to base their theories on. Of course, that hasn't stopped anyone from trying to predict where the story will go from here, and the internet will probably be buzzing for months with predictions for all of our favorite Westerosi characters, each varyingly despicable and awe-inspiring. Will Cersei last as Queen of the Andals? What is Arya's next move now that she's back on home turf? What's the travel time for a fleet of ships from Meereen/Dorne to King's Landing? The people want to know! Here are some theories that should tide you over until Season 7 premieres, most likely in 2017.

Jaime Will Kill Cersei

Game of Thrones theorists might not have any book data as far as the present day is concerned to go on, but the books still provide plenty of clues in the form of foreshadowing and, of course, prophecies. One such prophecy we saw come true as the third of Cersei's children died in the season finale (R.I.P. Tommen). But the prophecy by Maggy the Frog also states that Cersei will be killed by "little brother." It's unclear whether this means Cersei's own little brother or just a little brother, or even little sibling. Popular theories are that Tyrion or Arya Stark kill Cersei, but one that's gaining even more ground is that her once beloved twin Jaime will be the one to strike her down.

Arya Will Become Lady Stoneheart

In the books, Catelyn Stark is resurrected by a Red Priest after the Red Wedding, but she does not come back as she was, like Jon did. Instead, she becomes a cold-hearted zombie vengeance machine who joins up with the Band of Brothers to start picking off Freys. Zombie Catelyn did not make an appearance in Season 6 as many predicted, but some believe that Arya will become the vengeance machine instead in Season 7. She's in the right area and she's already got one Frey under her belt, so it's certainly possible.

Sansa Will Marry Littlefinger

This theory is upsetting for several reasons, but that doesn't make it any less possible. I don't think that Sansa would put herself in a position to be controlled by Littlefinger (once again), and I don't think that she would use this marriage to undermine her brother. But this is the Game of Thrones, and Sansa is getting better at it. It was her connection with Littlefinger after all that really saved the day in the Battle of the Bastards. And what was that lingering look between them all about?

Any or none of these theories could turn out to be true. But the one thing we know for certain is that Game of Thrones always manages to shock us. The night is dark and full of terrors, and the truth is that we know nothing.