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The New 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer Just Dropped & Fans Are Already Obsessed

After nearly two years of waiting, Game of Thrones fans are finally getting a sense of what the final season will look like. The new trailer shows glimpses of the show's most beloved characters and ends with a scene marking the Great War. Loyal fans are already brainstorming new GoT Season 8 theories based on the trailer alone, giving you tons to obsess over until the April premiere.

Warning: Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers ahead.

Season 7 ended with the most anticipated bombshell of the entire series when Sam Tarly and Bran Stark finally compared notes to discover Jon Snow's true identity as heir to the Iron Throne. Jon's parents (revealed to be Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark) were actually in love and married, which was fard different than the story Robert Baratheon told everyone. On her death bed, right after giving birth to Jon, Lyanna told her brother Ned Stark that Jon was to be protected, and that his real name is Aegon Targaryen.

All this was revealed while Daenerys and Jon were getting it on, which is awkward, because now fans know that the two are aunt and nephew. But fighting over the throne isn't going to be the pair's biggest priority in Season 8, because winter is here and the White Walkers are coming for Winterfell first.

The new trailer has a lot of intriguing scenes to unpack, so here's a breakdown of each scene along with a fan theory to munch on.


Arya Is Afraid

The first scene of the trailer shows Arya bloodied, afraid, and running from something. If you know Arya by now, you know she's never been scared of anything, so whatever she's running from has to be a formidable force. Redditor Estelindis thinks that the White Walkers will take over Winterfell and raise the buried Starks from the dead, sending Arya on the run. "I'm wondering if maybe the Stark dead buried beneath Winterfell have risen," wrote the Redditor. "And perhaps people were taking shelter there, so she's trying to get there and help them."


Arya Will Take On The White Walkers

"I know death," Arya says in the trailer as she holds up a dagger. "He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one." Redditor Tonto15 pointed out that it looks like she's holding up a blade of dragonglass, which means she's getting ready to fight the White Walkers. Some fans think that Arya will die fighting at Winterfell, but I really hope they're wrong.


The Golden Company Is Coming

In the trailer, you see what look like to be Euron's ships carrying an army of men clad in shiny golden armor. In Season 7, Cersei revealed to Jaime that she let Euron go to get help from the Golden Company (paid mercenaries) to help defend her. It's unclear who the man is leading the ships, but some fans think it might be a new character named Harry Strickland, leader of the Golden Army.


Tormund and Beric Will Fight In Winterfell

One thing that left me worried last season was seeing Tormund and Beric at Castle Black when the wall came down. Luckily, in the new trailer, both of them are alive and well, but some fans think that at least one of them they may die trying to fight the White Walkers at Winterfell. "I would say Beric is most likely going to die, especially since Thoros of Myr is gone," Redditor JonWasNotHere wrote. "However, my gut says Tormund (somehow) makes it out alive and ends up with Brienne."


Jon And Dany Head To The Crypts

Everyone is dying to see Jon and Dany's reaction when they find out that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's legitimate son. In the trailer, there is a scene of the two in the crypts, and some fans think that this might be Jon going down there to visit his mother, Lyanna's grave. "Jon and Dany in the crypts is definitely gonna be after Jon finds out his real parents," wrote Reddit user joeboe4. "He's looking more brooding in that shot than usual. He's probably standing at Lyanna's statue."


Sansa's Planning Something

One of the most epic scenes in the trailer is seeing Dany's dragons fly over Winterfell. As she first catches a glimpse of the dragons, and goes on to see how close Dany and Jon are getting, Sansa looks pensive rather than shocked, which has some fans wondering what she's up to. "I love Sansa's reaction," Redditor Stevewmn wrote. "She's not smiling, she's not afraid, she's calculating."


Gendry Will Forge Dragonglass

Fans were elated to see Gendry return last season, and he may have a major part to play in Season 8. In the trailer, he's seen in a room where weapons are being made, and because he was a blacksmith, fans think that (after getting knowledge on how to make dragonglass weapons from Sam) Gendry will forge blades to help Jon and his army defeat the White Walkers. Fans are also hoping to see Arya and Gendry finally reunite, which should happen if Gendry comes to Winterfell with Jon.


Cersei Will Lose Something

Cersei's only priority has been her children or herself, and now that all of her kids — Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen — are all dead, she only has herself and her pregnant belly to worry about. In one cryptic scene however, Cersei sits alone drinking wine, with tears in her eyes. Because she's unafraid of pretty much anything else in the world, and was told as a child that her offspring would all die, some fans think she may have miscarried. "I wonder what Cersei is teary-eyed about," wrote Redditor NathanKelly12345. "Maybe she will have a miscarriage as she’s drinking wine again or she heard the news about Jaime leaving King's Landing."


Jon And Dany Will Ride Together

Knowing that Jon is a Targaryen, it's totally possible that Dany's dragons respond to him. One Redditor, jlynn00. pointed to the scene in the trailer when Dany and Jon are walking towards the dragon, writing "I think there is a scene where you can already see Jon and Dany about to co-mount the dragons. BRING IT."


Jaime Will Fight With Jon

At the end of Season 7, after finding out that Cersei was not going to keep her word to help Dany and Jon fight the White Walkers, Jaime left her and King's Landing behind. The trailer ends with Jaime saying, "I promised to fight for the living, and I intend to keep that promise," as he is seen fighting amidst a fiery blaze. Fans think he will go to Winterfell to help Jon, and will honor his Kingslayer name by killing the Night King. Others think that he might be the one to come around and kill Cersei, making him a Queenslayer as well.

After years of waiting and theorizing, fans are going into the final season of Game of Thrones with tons of expectations. As sad as I am to see the series end, I'm hoping the final season answers all the questions fans have been asking since Season 1.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres on April 14 on HBO.