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These 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Theories Will Help You Cope With The Hiatus

The seventh season of Game of Thrones was decidedly different than any of the seasons that had come before. After six years of the plot inching along at a glacial pace, suddenly everything was happening at once. Characters who hadn't seen each other in years (or ever) were together in the same place for the first time. By the time "The Dragon and the Wolf" reached its final moments, the future of Westeros seemed less assured than ever. These Game of Thrones Season 8 theories try to predict where the show will go from here.

At the end of Season 7, the political situation in Westeros was messy. Cersei was pretending to ally with Dany and Jon with plans to betray them later, something that finally drove a wedge between her and Jaime despite her new pregnancy. Jon and Dany, meanwhile, threw themselves into a romance just in time for the audience to discover that they're related — and that Jon is actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne because he's Rhaegar Targaryen's last living son. But none of the Iron Throne musical chairs might matter in the end, because the Night King used Viserion to bring down the Wall, allowing the dead to march into Westeros.

Every fan is sure to be worried about how it will all shake out, and some of these theories could definitely come true — if all of the characters survive to the end of Season 8.

Get Hype

For years — and years and years — fans have wanted to see the Clegane brothers take each other on in a brawl dubbed "Cleganebowl." So far it hasn't come to pass, but now the Hound and the Mountain are finally aware that the other isn't dead (if Gregor counts as "not dead" in his current zombified state). They might be one step closer to fighting it out.

Chekov's Womb

If a character mentions she can't have children 20 times in two episodes just to remind the audience, then odds are she's going to end up pregnant presently. Daenerys' infertility and lack of an heir have been a concern throughout Season 7, and now that she's hooked up with her new lover-nephew, there's a chance Dany and Jon might be expecting a little Targ of their own come Season 8. (Flawless "Chekov's womb" joke thanks to Reddit user Enzonia.)

How To Train Your Dragon

Jon has already bonded with Dany's dragons, but now that everyone knows he's really a Targaryen it seems like only a matter of time until he hops on one for a ride. And how convenient that Dany's remaining free dragon is named Rhaegal after Jon's father! It's as certain that Jon will ride a dragon as anything on Game of Thrones can be.

Et Tu, Brute?

When Dany and Jon hooked up at the end of the Season 7 finale, Tyrion was lurking outside the room with an unreadable expression — and fans were very intrigued by what that might mean. Some speculated that he was just worried about what effect this would have on the future, while others theorized that he was jealous and in love with Dany himself (take a number, dude). However, there is another possibility. Tyrion's entire meeting with Cersei wasn't shown to the audience, leaving some (like Reddit users LuckyLefty26 and BigBearChainsaw) wondering if he struck a deal with her that will lead to Tyrion betraying Dany next season.

It's Like Season 1 Of Glee All Over Again

Cersei's sudden pregnancy definitely came as a surprise. Considering her penchant for lying and manipulation, Reddit user Johnny5USMC put forth the idea that Cersei isn't actually pregnant after all. She knows how far a pregnancy can go in convincing people to do what she wants (just look how it worked on Jaime and Tyrion), so she's going to use it to get what she needs. But there'll be no baby nine months from now.

The Cutest Zombie In Westeros

But if Cersei is really pregnant and does give birth, some fans have speculated that there will be something not quite right about her baby. Perhaps, as Reddit user HutchinsonanDemon mentioned, a run in with the Night King will lead to Cersei's baby becoming a wight. The Night King does like to adopt; just ask Craster.

A Decrease In Property Values

A happy ending may be too much to hope for with Game of Thrones, so the ending might be much more bittersweet. Even if the Night King is defeated, past visions from both Dany and Bran (pointed out by Reddit users Hpeltz and blue-ranger11) may have indicated that King's Landing will be destroyed in the coming war. The big threats could be neutralized, but there might not be much of Westeros left to rule afterwards.

Fredo, You Broke My Heart

The Night King leveled up in the power department when he turned Dany's dragon Viserion into a wight. What could possibly destroy a zombie dragon? If you're into the idea of fighting ice with fire, then it seems likely another dragon will have to do the job. Reddit user Neurotic_Marauder speculated that the fight might come down to Drogon vs. Viserion, pitting dragon brother against dragon brother.

The Dead Are Walking

Though fans may hope their favorite character ends the series unscathed, there are bleaker possibilities. There's a chance none of the current rulers (be it Jon, Dany, or Cersei) will sit on the Iron Throne in the end. Reddit user PAYPAL-ME-MONEY put forth the theory that the Night King may win after all. Everyone will die, and Westeros will be left a kingdom of ice run by a zombie. It's not optimistic, but it could happen.

That may be one of the darker theories out there, but it doesn't mean fans should lose hope. When Game of Thrones finally returns for Season 8, it will be a thrilling journey — no matter how it ends.