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Super Cute Shoes & Tees Are Over Half-Off At Gap's Easter Sale

If you're anything like I am, then your favorite part of most any holiday — besides the next day clearance on candy — is the legit excuse it gives you to shop 'til you drop. In my humble opinion, if anything, you're actually saving the family money by making the most of stores' mega discounts this Easter. Plus, holiday sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on basics in bulk, seasonal items for next year, and even a little something for yourself. So, if you're wondering what to get at the Gap Easter sale, then you're in luck, because there's pretty much something for everyone.

Right off the bat, the official website for The Gap offers quite a few discounts just for being a customer. For instance, "sign up for emails for exclusive offers, new arrivals, and more — plus, receive a welcome offer of 25 percent off regular price styles online," as is posted on the site's main home page. But for the egg-cellent extravaganza, get ready for some serious savings: you can earn $20 in Gap Cash for every $50 or more you spend through April 4, and this applies to both online and in-store purchases, according to The Gap's offer details.

For an online exclusive deal, you can use the code SPRING to receive an extra 20 percent off sale items, which are already marked down to up to half off. They're also offering free five to seven day "Every Day Shipping," according to details on the site. This code is only valid from March 27 through April 3. If you're looking to participate in The Gap's "Fill Your Basket Event" in stores, get 50 percent off of your purchase from March 23 through April 1, as is also noted on The Gap site. Of course this is just the tip of the proverbial savings iceberg, so check out what kinds of things you should get at the upcoming The Gap Easter sale.


Casual Chinos

Girlfriend Twill Stripe Chinos, (was: $60) now: $30, The Gap

A staple in many classy chic closets is the classic chino pant. Personally, I like to call them the, "looks good on everybody," kind of trouser because they are universally comfortable yet tailored. That's why you might want to take advantage of The Gap's sale on these girlfriend twill stripe chinos.


Blossoming Blouses

Floral Sleeveless Ruffle Top, (was: $60) now: $22, The Gap

Just in time for the floral season of spring, you can save big on some of The Gap's most flouncy and flowery tops, like this sleeveless ruffle top, that they have to offer. Who doesn't love a good ruffle top, am I right?


Maternity Must-Haves

Paisley V-Neck Dress, (was: $70) now: $25, The Gap

In case you happen to be expecting during this Easter sale celebration, The Gap has you covered. For instance, the warmer weather means you'll really appreciate the effortless style of The Gap's frocks, like this paisley print v-neck maternity dress.


Awesome Outerwear

Belted Utility Jacket, (was: $90) now: $54, The Gap

Spring can be lovely and warm, but then there are also moments when the breeze hits just right where you definitely could use an extra layer. That's why this utility-style piece of outerwear from The Gap's Tall Shop, which offers a wide range of sizes, is perfect for your spring wardrobe essentials.


Sweet Shoes

Crazy Stripe Ballet Flats (was: $60) now: $27, The Gap

One of my favorite parts about Easter, and the springtime in general, is how colorful things are. So if you want to slip into something new or put a little "spring" in your step, then you'll love these multi-colored crazy stripe ballet flats from The Gap.

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