Gap's Year-End Sale Has Up To 75% Off *Everything*

by Cat Bowen

Year-end sales are one of the best times to shop and save at your favorite stores (and also replenish your wardrobe). Everything from housewares to sweatshirts will be at rock-bottom prices, but Gap's year-end sale might be one of my favorites.

For starters, The Great Gap Sale starts now and continues all the way through Martin Luther King Day. This season-end deal is in stores and online and items will be up to 75% off their original prices. Gap jeans, Gap hoodies, and even those oh-so-comfortable Gap pajamas are on sale, so now is the time to ignore your children's begging for more batteries for their XBox controllers, and head out to shop instead.

There is a strong likelihood that you have returns to make at the mall anyway, so why not swing by and see what they have? Last year, I found a pair of overalls for $25, and let me tell you, I wear them all the time. I tend to pair them with a leather jacket and tight striped turtleneck, so I look like the most emo farmer in all of Brooklyn, but I love it. Go. Find that magic for yourself. Here are some of my favorite items:


Lined Cord Pants

These toddler joggers look like little old man pants, and I am here for it. They are also lined with soft fleece, so they will keep your baby warm in cooler temperatures. The discount is so great on these, you may as well pick up a few pairs.


Baby Chambray

Babies in chambray is a win. Warm babies in chambray is even better. Tell me this is not the cutest quilted one-piece you've ever seen.


Star One-Piece

I can not overstate the value of a zip-up sleeper. They can be worn as outfits or to bed, and they make life so much easier. This sleeper is in cozy cotton, and in the army green it's especially cute.


Kids Denim Jacket

There is nothing more iconic than a denim jacket, and you won't find it cheaper than this all year. It can be worn as an accessory or as a jacket when layered with a hoodie, and this one is solid and sturdy.


Kids' Print Sweatshirt Dress

These sweatshirt dresses are incredibly cozy and cute. I love the leopard print on this one, as it's practically a neutral. Pair them with bright leggings and a fun headband, and the outfit is complete.


Baby Gap Logo Print One-Piece

This logo one-piece will make your baby into a tiny lumberjack bear, which is wonderful. It's made of soft and comfy fleece, so you know it won't shrink and will keep the baby toasty and warm. Again, it's a zipper, so you can whip it off and on pretty easily.


Kids' Softspun Cardi

This cardi is easy for your kids to throw on, and also rumple in the bottom of their backpack. Will it get lost? Who knows, but it's only $20 right now.


Marvel Socks

You never have enough socks in your house, and these Marvel socks will undoubtedly be a hit. These are fun enough that hopefully, your kids won't lose them immediately. Hey, stranger things have happened.