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Where Is Garret From 'The Bachelorette's Instagram?

One of the best ways to waste your time during The Bachelorette season is to dig up the contestants' social media profiles and try to figure out how far they make it in the season. Which is why Bachelor Nation is totally confused as to why one contestant seems to have deleted all of his profiles. So what's up with Garrett from The Bachelorette's Instagram and what is he hiding?

We won't know until he undeletes the profile, of course, and we really hope that he does it soon. Garrett looks like he could be a frontrunner, so it'd be nice to be able to see where he's traveling or living and whether Becca is around. To be honest, The Bachelorette contestants are under a strict contract to not spoil the ending of the show on their social media accounts. In fact, while filming, they're not allowed to post at all. Some of the contestants have already begun posting pics of their normal lives (or their Bachelorette cast picture), but it's been a slow drip. We have to assume Garrett's is the same.

Garrett is a 29-year-old medical sales rep from Reno, Nevada, though he was raised in Central California. According to ABC, he's a "true outdoorsman who loves fly fishing, hiking and snowshoeing." Apparently, he also does a mean Chris Farley impression which is cute, but definitely going to be worn out in an episode or two. I'm getting Whaboom-vibes from this guy, aren't you?

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Before he deleted his Instagram account, E! News reported that his page was full of "family, fishing and friends, lots of ‘em on his page." Apparently, his bio pic also doesn't do him justice, which is usually pretty common with Bachelorette contestants. He is also reportedly learning to fly and hasn't tweeted since 2013, though that might change as the season moves forward.

Hopefully, he'll return to Instagram when the season gets going so we can learn more about him while Becca does, too. The good news this season is that even though this particular contestant doesn't have a social media presence at the moment, we do know that Becca finds love after Arie this season. She told Entertainment Tonight that going through the whole journey again was worth it and that she plans to get married ASAP. Becca said:

I was asking for a teammate, a 50/50 throughout the entire season. I feel like I truly found that. So we'll have each other's backs through the time where we have to stay private. And then we'll continue that and share it with the world.

She added that this relationship already feels different than her romance with Arie. She added, "It feels so different because the relationship and the guy is different. And this time, it feels better suited for me, it's like this better fit for me and what I need in my life."

She explained, "And I am willing to do anything it takes to make it work to support my partner." If she and Garrett do get together, that might mean moving to Nevada or some other place to live, since she's from Minnesota. Although being from the midwest might be an advantage with Garrett, especially if she also likes the outdoors and going fishing and things.

It's a shame that Garrett has taken his life pre-Bachelorette offline, so we don't know what he's doing at all. But I have a feeling that he'll be back to social media once he hears that fans are talking about him. There's something about this guy that just screams hometown dates with Becca. And he seems a whole lot more fun than Arie ever did.