This Gemstone Sidewalk Chalk Is So Pretty, Your Kids Will Hoard It Like Gollum

When I was growing up, my siblings and I used to fight over three colors of sidewalk chalk: yellow, pink, and blue. They were sold in a big yellow box, and those were the only colors available at the time. We struggled to add detail and depth to our creations, and when the task became too much, we gave up to draw hopscotch and foursquare maps. Things have come a long way since the '90s, and now not only does sidewalk chalk come in every color of the rainbow, but now there's gemstone sidewalk chalk perfect for little hands, and fancy as heck to boot.

The stunningly gorgeous set of 12 gemstone-shaped sidewalk chalk from Maisonette is $16, and is made with a combination of plaster of Paris and tempera paint. It is not safe for chalkboard use due to its composition, but it's perfect for playground and driveway play. The shape of the gemstone chalk are wide enough for tiny ones to hold easily as they first learn to draw and color. Wide tools for coloring, designed for the hand-grasping, are nothing new, and they're hugely popular. Think of all the possibilities for quiet moments where no one is screaming.

While I mentioned children, and I really do think that's important and wonderful, I have another idea for it.

Hear me out — bachelorette party or divorce party. What's more fun than drawing temporary penises and penis-shaped hopscotch on the back patio? The chalk says it's a fancy party, the artwork says "I honor my inner adolescent." I'm sorry, it's just fun to draw ridiculous stuff like that, and even more fun if your chalk is fancy AF. I'm not telling you to go to the local playground and start drawing boobs and butts or anything, but a well-placed peen on the patio while you sip your margaritas is not a bad idea.

Although, I don't think I'd be great at hopscotch after a few cocktails. I am sure I would think that I'm doing a great job, but I'd probably fall on my butt and laughter would ensue. Either way, I'm definitely going to do it for the 'gram. I have no shame.

The next morning, grab a hose and remove all traces of the party the night before, unless, of course, you want your partner to find it and have a good head scratch over just what you were doing at this party.

Of course, you could just give the chalk to your kids, too.

Maisonette hasn't limited their sidewalk chalk game just to gorgeous gemstone sidewalk chalk. They also have unicorn horn sidewalk chalk for $15, which comes in multiple shades including gold. Imagine having a kid party and just setting them up on the driveway or in the garage, and letting them go to town with these pretty chalks. Add in the narwhal horn sidewalk chalk, and you're already set with a party theme.

Because of course they have a Narwhal sprinkler for this party. How utterly perfect to draw for hours and then watch it all get rinsed away via the magical narwhal horn? If you want to go all out, add the whale bubble machine. I don't know why kids love bubbles as much as they do, but those things are darned near magical as far as I'm concerned.

No matter how you choose to use your gemstone sidewalk chalk, be it for grown up drawings or party antics, one thing is for sure — you're going to want to make sure you have plenty of this fancy sidewalk chalk so that you don't run out midway through your "art."