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George H.W. Bush's Quotes About Family & Fatherhood Show Why He'll Be Missed

by Vanessa Taylor

On Friday, Nov. 30, former President George H.W. Bush passed away at the age of 94. His funeral on Wednesday was packed with a crowd full of political leaders and other important figures. The former president's children made up some of the attendees, of course, including his son, George W. Bush, who offered the eulogy. These George H.W. Bush quotes about family and fatherhood show why his family will miss him so dearly.

George H.W. Bush served as the nation's 41st president from 1989 to 1993, as reported by Biography. He passed away after a variety of health complications. According to WebMD, the nation's 41st president had vascular parkinsonism, which is a condition resulting from "one or more small strokes." He was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital in April, just a day after his wife Barbara Bush's funeral, "after contracting an infection that spread to his blood", a family spokesman reportedly told The Washington Post.

The former president's funeral took place at the Washington National Cathedral, as reported by People, with all five living presidents in attendance, as well as their wives, a number of former vice presidents, and politicians and dignitaries from around the world. Of course, Bush's family was a large part of the service as well.

Here are some of the former President's quotes on family and fatherhood.

When He Famously Talked About Broccoli

It's easy to forget that presidents are people with families of their own. In a casual reminder, at age 65, George H.W. Bush finally found the courage to tell his mom one thing: he wasn't going to eat broccoli anymore.

"I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it," Bush said, according to USA Today, "And I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!”

When He Talked About Reading Criticisms

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You might wonder if the families of politicians pay attention to every little thing in the media. In a January 2011 issue of Esquire, Bush confirmed that he did, saying, "It's much worse to read criticism about your son than yourself."

When He Talked About Family & Making It

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In the same 2011 Esquire issue, Bush spoke about wanting to make it on his own, saying, "I was offered a job on Wall Street by my uncle. But I wanted to get out. Make-it-on-my-own kinda thing."

When He Opened Up To Support His Son

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George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, had a tense relationship at times. But in an interview about his son's presidency, the former President offered his son his support again, saying, according to PBS:

I had my chance, and now just get out of the way and be there as a father, and sometimes, Jim, it’s not easy, but I’m so much in agreement with what the president’s doing and has done, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

When He Welcomed His Son Into Office

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In 2018, George W. Bush opened up about a "profound" moment that he shared with his dad after his election. The younger Bush had just been sworn into office when he was told to head down to the Oval and see what it was like to be president, as reported by Business Insider.

While sitting there, George H.W. Bush walked in and the two shared this exchange, according to Business Insider:

"So Andy had told dad that I was down there. And he walks down and I said, 'Mr. President, welcome.' He said, 'Thank you, Mr. President.' And that's pretty much all that was said for a while. And it was a very profound moment for me."

It's a moment that no other living president in this country can say that they've shared with their dad.

His Last Words To His Son

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During his father's eulogy, President George W. Bush said, according to The Washington Post, "When I was told he had minutes to live, I called him ... I said 'Dad, I love you, and you've been a wonderful father'. And the last words he would ever say on Earth were, 'I love you, too.'"

It's hard losing a parent, but those last words show just why George H.W. Bush's family will miss him so much.