Snag Royal Baby Archie's Sweater From The Sussex's Xmas Card For A Cool $105

When it comes to the Royal family's fashion, the spotlight is usually on Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle. However, since the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex released their 2019 Christmas card, all anyone can talk about is baby Archie's polar bear sweater. As it turns out, the adorable top is still available for purchase for anyone who wants to dress their own kiddo like a prince.

The little gray cashmere sweater became a hit after Harry and Meghan released their family Christmas photo-card (or, gif) on Dec. 23. In it, baby Archie steals the show, as he clearly crawled up to the camera to be front and center in the photo, leaving his laughing parents behind in the background. The first thing anyone will notice in the picture is Archie's big, beautiful eyes and sassy pursed lips, but the polar bear sweater is a close second (sorry, Meghan and Harry).

The trending sweater is sold by Boden and currently retails for $105. It seems to be worth every penny, though, because aside from how cute it is (and its new celebrity status), it's super soft, warm, and machine washable. Not to mention, it has three buttons along the front to make putting it on/taking it off easy — further proof that Meghan has the same pain points every other mom has.

You can purchase the sweater in a range of sizes from 3-6m to 3-4y, with no change to the style or price. Jump on it quick, though, because fans of the royal family are sure to scoop up what's left of the store's inventory. If your little one's size sells out before you can get to it, don't worry, because if the Christmas card is any indication of baby Archie's personality, it won't be long before he steals the spotlight once again and starts another fashion craze.