When a ‘ghost baby’ appeared on a crib’s video monitor, mom freaked out.

Mom's Hilarious Story About A 'Ghost Baby' Sleeping With Her Son Goes Viral

Much like the month of October, parenting can be full of spooks. Take for instance when one mom thought she saw a "ghost baby" appear on her son's video crib monitor. Although initially a bit spooky, this potentially paranormal encounter thankfully turned out to be more fun trick than serious fright.

After putting her son down to sleep, Facebook user Maritza Elizabeth said she was "freaked" to see a "ghost baby" snuggled up with her son when she checked on him using a video baby monitor. "Last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son," Elizabeth wrote Friday in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. "I was so freaked out, I barely slept." What look to be the face and arm of a ghostly baby can clearly be seen lying next to Elizabeth's son in a photograph she shared alongside her post.

Curious, Elizabeth said she tried "creeping" into her son's room with a flashlight while he was sleeping to find out where "ghost baby" was coming from. But as with many of the things people think they see in the dark, a bit of morning light helped clear up what was really going on.

"This morning I go to investigate a bit further," Elizabeth wrote on Facebook. "It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets." In a second photograph, Elizabeth has pulled back the crib sheet to reveal that the tag on her son's crib mattress features a picture of a baby's face. Without their usual mattress protector, the baby's picture could be seen through the crib sheet on the video monitor. "I could kill him," Elizabeth jokingly added in reference to her husband's mistake.

On Facebook, most have seen the humor in Elizabeth's post, taking it as a light-hearted story about parenting's funny moments. "I would have freaked too," one Facebook user commented on her post. "I just laughed so hard... to myself... quietly... [because] the babies are sleeping," another parent added. "Glad we know about this now [because] I could picture us having this same experience," another user noted to a friend in the post's comments.

But while most have been kind, Elizabeth tells Romper that some people haven't been nice in their comments and have even accused her of being "a bad mom" or of editing the picture. "Never once did we ever believe our son was in any danger," she tells Romper, adding that she regularly checked on her son throughout the night. "This story isn’t meant to be looked into so deeply. It's just a creepy story that had a funny ending."

In fact, Elizabeth says that neither she nor her husband expected the story to be shared so widely. Since it was posted on Friday, Elizabeth's story has garnered hundreds of comments, more than 380,000 likes, and 220,000 shares across Facebook. "The whole thing has been pretty crazy," she tells Romper. "We just wanted to spread a little humor."