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Gia Joins 'Fuller House' Season 2, But What Has She Been Up To?

Fans of Full House were ecstatic when they learned there'd be a second season of the spin-off show, Fuller House. In the first season fans were reintroduced to the Tanner sisters, Stephanie and D.J., as well as D.J.'s best friend, Kimmy. These kids are all grown up now: D.J. has three sons, Jackson, Max, and Tommy Jr., while Kimmy has a daughter named Ramona. And as for Steph, she's gone on to become a professional entertainer. But now that fans are caught up on the Tanners' lives, they're wondering what happened to some of their other favorites from the original series. Thankfully Season 2 will answer some of those questions. For example, Stephanie's old childhood friend, Gia, is joining the second season of Fuller House and fans will get to see what she's been up to after all this time.

In the original series, Gia started out as a bad girl with a mean streak. Gia was the leader of a clique of girls who made fun of Stephanie because she didn't take them up on their offer to smoke. Stephanie was actually friends with a girl named Mickey first who was part of Gia's friend group and stood up for Stephanie when the other girls made fun of her. However, after Gia embarrassed Stephanie for going out with a guy she liked, Mickey helped Stephanie get revenge on Gia. Stephanie felt bad though and apologized to Gia later on, leading them to become friends and Mickey wasn't seen again after that.

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Gia and Stephanie occasionally got themselves into some trouble a few times over the course of their friendship, but even though Gia started as a bad influence on Stephanie, together they found a middle ground and Stephanie started to become a good influence on Gia. The two even started a band together, Girl Talk, with Kimmy, but that didn't last very long since they were too focused on their look.

However, based on the photos from the second season, it looks like they may be trying to get the band back together again and D.J. may even be a part of it this time. There's not much information about what else Gia's been up to since fans last saw her, but according to the Fuller House wiki page, she's supposedly a soccer mom that's kept her edginess by wearing all black.

You can catch up with Gia and the rest of the Fuller House cast when the Season 2 premiere becomes available for streaming on Netflix on Dec. 9.