GoldieBlox Is Back With The *Cutest* Line Of STEM-Focused Projects — EXCLUSIVE

by Lindsay E. Mack

By combining valuable STEM skills with wow-worthy arts and crafts projects, one company is all about inspiring kids through the power of DIY. The GoldieBlox Maker Kits made in partnership with JOANN teach kids how to craft cool projects with circuits, LED lights, and other neat tools. Your kids can learn the science behind each different craft while creating glitter hair gel, a light-up unicorn pillow, or even a smartphone projector.

Even if you weren't a parent in 2013, you probably remember GoldieBlox's conversation-starting commercial featuring a diverse all-girl cast building, tinkering, engineering... basically everything girls do in their spare time as much as boys do. While their commercial kicked off a successful line of toys and, essentially, their brand, company new has been relatively quiet the past couple years, until now. GoldieBlox just released a new selection of fun and inspiring DIY products for all the mini makers out there.

Based on their YouTube channel, Hack Along with Goldie Blox, the kits feature fun projects that will be familiar to any parents of crafty kiddos. (Yes, glitter plays a pretty important role in many of the kits.) Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the kits are manufactured by Make it Real, which creates products that give tween girls insight into the design world. By using these kits, kids are invited to make their own useful, fun products all while learning valuable STEM-related skills. Basically, it's arts and crafts time with a side of engineering and science blended in. The eight maker kits will be available at, as well as Amazon, Target, JOANN, BJ’s, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart Canada.

The DIY Glitter Beauty Lab invites your kid to make a face mask, hair gel, and many more sparkly crafts. Kids will love playing around with all the brightly colored ingredients and learning how to mix up their own concoctions. Plus, kids learn about measuring and labeling in the process. And of course, nothing get kids interested in a project faster than tons of glitter.

OK, how adorable is this little pillow? The unicorn craft is not only cute, but it also teaches kids about sewing skills and how to work with a light-up string of lights. Kids will love making this and then showing it off to friends.

If your kid needs even more craft time, then no worries. A subscription box, the GoldieBlox Box, is available for order online. These extra boxes are available for purchase individually ($25), or as part of a 3-month ($25 per box) or 6-month ($20 per box) subscription. These boxes offer even more science-based craft projects that kids will absolutely adore.

Blending STEM skills and principles with appealing and kid-friendly craft projects is what GoldieBlox is all about. "At GoldieBlox, we encourage girls to embrace the 'maker' in themselves and learn to have fun creating, whether that is through building and engineering, hacking their favorite toys and household objects, or designing something fun and beautiful through arts and crafts," said Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox founder and CEO, in a press release. "While most kids aren't going home and asking to build a belt drive, most of the arts and crafts projects that they already love doing involve STEM. These new maker kits allow kids to have fun while learning with a signature GoldieBlox twist." Fun, engaging, and simply cool, the GoldieBlox Maker Kits encourage kids everywhere to create, think, and craft.