Here's How To Get Your Free Copy Of 'Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls' From Oribel

by Cat Bowen

Here's to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them — by reading to them the stories of the strong women who came before. Thankfully, there are books for precisely that purpose. The most famous of these is arguably Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, which you can get for free if you make a purchase on Oribel. They sell a range of gender-neutral baby gear items, but the free Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls with every purchase on Oribel offer expires today, so get on it.

Oribel opened in 2014 with their revolutionary portaplay activity center which featured both a streamline look and an engaging play deck system for children to enjoy. After your baby learns to walk, the portaplay system converts into a play table for little ones. Selling for $129, it is competitive with other activity centers on the market, but without the garish appearance, and with more usability because of the conversion kit. Since then, they've added a line of high chairs, doll houses, and vertical wall-mounted play areas that look just as good as they are fun to engage with. They are truly unique in their design, and today, if you buy any item, you get a free Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls book with purchase.

The Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls book is a favorite in my home. Written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, and illustrated by women across the globe, the book features 100 stories of brave, real women in the style of myths and legend. My daughter's personal favorites are Julia Child and Mae Jemison — a chef and an astronaut. The diversity of the women featured in the book is nothing short of astounding. It shows just girls just what women can achieve, and helps little girls go to bed, dreaming these big dreams. It shows children that it doesn't matter if you want to eat better like Julia, play tennis better than anyone in the world like Serena, or fight for women's rights like Ruth, you should work toward your dreams as hard as you can.

Oribel wants to support the mission that encourages us to think outside of gendered norms. In their press release, they wrote, "Toy brands like ourselves have a huge responsibility as we influence young minds every day. We at Oribel, take extra care to not create ‘girl toys’ or ‘boy toys’. We are challenging the binary and insist on creating toys that are FUN, educational, and loved by kids, no matter their gender." That's why they're giving away a free copy of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls with every purchase through today.

These products are durable and designed to grow with your children. The vertical play kits are designed especially with growing children in mind. Not only do they get the kids off the floor and standing, they also take up less space thanks to the wall-mounted design. There is nothing about these toys that scream "only for boys" or "only for girls," which is refreshing. They're made to inspire little ones' creativity and imagination, allowing them to write their own narrative.

That idea of allowing children to explore life as it is, apart from gendered expectations, is exactly why Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is such an important text, and why the giveaway is so cool. These stories are of women who defied gender stereotypes to achieve success beyond the wildest expectations of people around them, and they all lifted other women on their way to the top, be it intentionally, as in the case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or unintentionally like Queen Elizabeth I, who proved we could rule.

No matter what you take away from their stories, one thing is for sure, they were the strong women we want to raise.