Your Inner Molly Weasley *Needs* These Broomstick Lights Outside Your House

I love decorating for Halloween. All of the spooky accessories, black candles, glittery cobwebs, and moody color combinations speak to me on a deep, deep level. That's why I'm always on the lookout for the newest, best, and most creative decor for the holiday, and this year, Grandin Road is bringing it. It is Halloween, but kicked up several notches. It's upscale Halloween. It's where the Hocus Pocus witches would go to buy things to decorate their evil cottage — if they could work the internet. The Halloween collection from Grandin Road is what happens when Martha Stewart finally embraces her inner goth, and it's perfect.

Grandin Road's regular stuff is gorgeous and really brings a home together, but their Halloween Haven is next level for the spooky obsessed. If you want some light accessories that aren't very macabre, they have them. If you are like me and every Halloween you fully revert into your early aughts gothic mall rat self, but with more money and better taste, you are about to lose your mind at the plethora of goodies awaiting you. Skull wreath with delicate dark flowers? They have it. Pre-lit upside-down black broomstick sidewalk markers? Yup. They have those, too.

I am actually shaking, I love this stuff so much.


To Light Your Spooky Path

Narcissa Malfoy, eat your heart out. (But don't, because you did have that redemption arc, and your hair is badass.) This set of broomstick lights is serving up some real fancy Halloween vibes, without being stuffy or pretentious. The orange and yellow lights wrapped around the spindly broomsticks would look great on a walkway, or propped up around the edges of a party.


Stunning Garland

This garland is 9 feet long and 23 inches wide, making it a great value. Normally, holiday garland is about 6 feet long for the same price. I know this, as I just bought several last year. Also, it has so many great reviews, I have to look for reasons not to buy it.


A Goth Welcome

This is what everyone will be seeing as they enter my house this Halloween. Heck, I like it so much, I might just put Santa hats on the skulls and keep it there for Christmas. Very Tim Burton.

This is a pretty big wreath — 28 inches in diameter, so it will likely dominate your door frame. However, I can easily see this working with the lighted garland if you're going for an over-the-top, maximalist look.


It's Wearable Art, Duh

OK, they have this in the Halloween section for some reason, but it feels "year round" to me. Granted, it appears as though the model is in riding jodhpurs, and she might be drinking a spritzer from her black glass, but I still like it.

I'm just going to style it with a pair of black leather leggings and spiked booties with a veiled fascinator — and that's how I'd wear it when it's not Halloween.


Delicate Decor

Someone who doesn't have a pair of evil, net-shredding cats needs to buy this and let me decorate their house with it.

This mantel scarf is dainty and lovely while also managing to stay spooky. I can see it draping a table, going across a bookshelf, or even around the perimeter of a sofa. It's according to your level of Halloween dedication.


Modern Halloween Vibes

This set of "BOO" marquee letters has a real industrial chic vibe, and I'm kind of digging it. I've seen a lot of marquee letters being used on shows like Fixer Upper, and to see it at Halloween is really unique. Each letter is 9 by 7 inches, so it's pretty substantial. Being battery-operated LED lights, you know that it won't have any unsightly wires, and will remain cool to the touch.


Witchy Whimsy

I never knew I needed a pair of striped leg spikes before today. It turns out, they're exactly what has been missing in my life. Will it freak people out to see a pair of legs hanging out in my planter box out front? No. I live in New York City. People will probably take selfies with the legs.

Wicked Witch of the East, evil mother-in-law — you get to name them.


Serving Up Halloween

When you're having a Halloween party, but you're also feeling bougie. These plates are styled in Victorian trim and are a glossy black, which will make your food really pop. They're also dishwasher and microwave-safe, so when your child inevitably falls asleep mid-meal, you can just shove it in the fridge and reheat it later.


Ready For Snacks

I can't see how you can have the broomstick lights and not have this snack bowl stand. Granted, this one is more Molly Weasley and less Narcissa Malfoy, but she's a better character anyway. The opportunities to fill this are endless.

That means I'll be filling it with three types of guac. I'm a simple creature.


Gotta Have A Beverage

If you don't have a beverage dispenser at a party, is it even a party? And now, as an elderly goth, I don't even have to pretend I didn't spike it.

True fact: my potion's secret ingredient is gin.