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Great Mystery Podcasts For Kids That Are Just Spooky Enough

by Cat Bowen
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Being a woman in her 30s, you can probably guess how much I love true crime and mystery podcasts. My kids are also huge fans of podcasts, but they're a bit young for the serial killer genre. However, there are great mystery podcasts for kids that are just as engaging and completely age-appropriate.

Mystery podcasts are great to listen to while doing chores, creating art, or while you're driving. They are such a part of the routine of my family's day, that when there isn't one playing, things just seem off. Like the house or car is simply too quiet, and frankly, uninteresting. While my older child is a fan of The Daily and Pod Save America, my 9-year-old still prefers her podcasts to be a bit sillier, and a bit less mature.

And she loves a good whodunnit. Great mystery podcasts keep her mind running when she would otherwise be tethered to a device, or shrugging off cleaning her room. They range from spooky ghost stories to girls with magical hoverboards trying to figure out who they are. Unlike mystery podcasts for adults, almost none of them involve dead bodies being found in unlikely places — which might be jarring to podcast listeners in my cohort. That's OK, though. These are training podcasts, and there's plenty of time for our kids to work their way up the murder ladder.


'Six Minutes'

A girl with special abilities begins to question her entire life. Are her parents really her parents? Why can she do the things she does? And why was she floating in Alaskan waters with no memory? Six Minutes from Gen Z Media addresses just that.

This is a full cast show, so it's more like an old school radio show than audiobook or weekly podcast. It's perfect for kids ages 7 to 12.


'The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel'

This Peabody Award-winning podcast is one of the originals for kids, and one of the best. With several seasons already produced, it's one of the most popular pods available. You can download it on Pinna, an audio subscription service exclusively for kids, or you can listen on YouTube. It follows Mars Patel as he searches for his friend who has seemingly disappeared from the world without a trace, and is best for kids ages 8 to 12.


'Becoming Mother Nature' Seasons 1 & 2

This is one of my favorite pods. Chloe Lovejoy has become Mother Nature, thanks to inheriting the mantle from her grandmother, and now, one of her best friends is The Grim Reaper, and there are many shenanigans afoot. It's suitable for kids 8 to 13, but honestly, I'd listen to it happily on my own.


'Origins Unknown'

Available exclusively on Pinna, Origins Unknown is all about the town of Cooper Heights, and our young protagonist, Max. Why are the townspeople getting mysterious packages? Who is sending them? What do they mean? Definitely for ages 8 and up, as it gets a bit complicated at times.


'Opal Watson, Private Eye'

If Nancy Drew was cooler, more modern, in audio format, and with 100% less crap from the Hardy Boys, you'd have Opal Watson, Private Eye. This pod is available on Pinna, and it's extremely entertaining. Kids 7 and up will love this.


'The Ghost of Jessica Majors'

OK, fair warning, this one gets off to a sad start. The main character is named Luke, and while his mother is remarrying after his father's death, he hangs out in the cemetery, talking to his father's grave. At one point, he trips over Jessica Major's grave, and things get weird from there. Available on Pinna. Honestly, my 9-year-old had some trouble with this one, but still loved it. I'd say a mature 8-year-old could handle it.


'Mystery Recipe'

This isn't a mystery mystery, but instead it's a "guess what they're cooking" recipe from America's Test Kitchen, and I love it. Kids will love guessing what the hosts, Molly and Mittsy, are cooking and what ingredients they're using. There's also a fun cookalong. Suitable for all ages.


'A-Z Mystery Clue Club'

This one follows Dink as he explores happenings around town in the classic one-and-done format popularized by comic books and television. They're an easy, quick listen that kids love. It's also available on Pinna, and is suitable for all ages.


'The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian'

The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian is an outer space, Sci-Fi mystery perfect for younger kids. It's kind of cheesy, but enjoyable for parents and kids alike as they laugh at robot Be Bop and listen to the well-produced show. Suitable for absolutely everyone.


'Eleanor Amplified'

Oh, heck yes. Public Radio mystery for kids? Sign my family up. From WHYY, Eleanor investigates fake news, debunking all the nonsense thrown at her. It's fully produced, and worth your kids' time. It's not preachy, yet is designed to be equal parts entertaining and informative. It's best for ages 6 and up.

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