I Am Feeling *All* The Nostalgia With Gymboree's New Bright, Preppy Relaunch

Last year, parents thought they'd seen the last of retailer Gymboree. It was sad to see it go, and while rumors of its potential re-opening were rampant, no one was sure what would happen. Well, just a year after closing, Gymboree is back in business, and the future of the company has never looked brighter.

Re-launching this month, Gymboree will be available online and inside shop-in-shop locations at over 200 Children's Place stores across the country. In a press release, Jane Elfers, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are very proud to announce the return of Gymboree. The Gymboree team has worked tirelessly to bring this iconic brand back to its passionate and loyal customers.”

With this, Gymboree follows other retailers like Toys R Us in reimagining the brand, shifting to allow for some continuation of the store. The idea of a store-in-store shop makes a lot of sense for Children's Place. They can benefit from the different aesthetic (and price point) of the Gymboree brand, while not diluting their own affordable style. It's a win-win.

Gymboree skews a little preppier, a little more high-end than traditional Children's Place clothing, so they will definitely be reaching a different market than what they are hitting right now. By all accounts it looks like it will be a great addition to their portfolio as well as my kids' closets. I really love the nostalgic vibe I'm getting from every piece I see — lots of darling pastels, seersucker, and monochromatic looks. I mean, that yellow pocket is pure '90s sweetness. It's like an Easter basket on the TBS line-up come to life.

Children's Place has over 950 stores in the United States and Canada, and the shop-in-shop aspect of the relaunch is only happening in 200 of the stores, so the real push will be for online sales. The entirely new website will feature free shipping and free returns, as well as an expanded loyalty program through Children's Place. There will also be an app for one-touch on-the-go shopping.