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These Halloween Decorations Under $10 Include A Garland, Bats, & Spider Lights

I am here for the spooky. Halloween is my favorite holiday by far, so needless to say, I go all out. But I don't have a huge decor budget and need to be thrifty, so I love finding Halloween decorations under $10 that are fun and fabulous.

From skulls to witches' hats to garland, there are Halloween decorations at every price point. Honestly, though, who has the time to find all of them? Lucky for you, it just so happens to be my job, and as a formerly broke gothic nightmare, you are in good hands. The trick is that you need to scour the sites and know where to look. Yes, Amazon and Target are going to be your general go-tos, but don't overlook smaller retailers at this time of year. Many of them offer more than what you're thinking. Also, if you're trying to save money, maybe avoid that store that only opens this time of year and only in recently shuttered retail locations? In my experience, they are the most expensive.

This list has everything from sweet to spooky to downright glam, and all for under the low, low price of $10.

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Pom Pom Garden

This handmade pom pom garland is perfect for your door or mantel, although if you have cats or toddlers, I suggest you hang this high enough that they cannot reach them. Ask me how I know.


Mini Rolling Pins

How cute would these be in your kitchen or dining room? I love the idea of having them in front of the fruit bowl, resting on a few mini pumpkins.


Painted Pumkin

You can never have too many skulls or pumpkins at Halloween. This is a big one for a little money, and it's totally customizable.



A pack of ten bats for $7. It's a steal.


Concrete Skull

Honestly, if I have a concrete skull in my garden, it's staying out all year. It just is.


Neon Path Light

What a sweet little light. Be sure to turn it off before trick-or-treat time if you're not passing out candy.


This Squirrel, Just Because

This squirrel looks like a real jerk. I must have him.


Drop Your House Here

I hope it wasn't one of the Sanderson sisters, I love them.


Jack O' Lantern Lights

8 feet of lights is nothing to scoff at for $10. Plus, they're just so cute.


Cream & Eye Of Newt, Please

Oh look, they've made a sign for my kitchen. How fortuitous.


Little Pumpkins

Again, you can never have enough, and there's never too much metallic.


Candle Holder

Again, I would keep these up all year long with gold or white candles. In the fall, I might make the candles black or purple. (Or rest the little pumpkins on top.)


Make Your Doorway Hilariously Spooky

This is fantastic. It's made from durable, waterproof fabric, and it's hilarious.


Nightmare Before Christmas Kit

Put it in a fake pumpkin, a real pumpkin, a random gourd you have around the house, whatever. You need this, because This. Is. Halloween.


A Little DIY Saves A Lot Of Dollars

You print and make this creepy AF banner yourself, but they provide all the instructions. It's so weird and I love it.


Gourd Ghoul

It's pumpkin ghoul. You obviously want a bunch of these. You also want to hang them over your bed while your partner is asleep, and then get back in bed and gently wake them up to scare the crap out of them.


Demogorgon DIY Template

My daughter is doing self-guided art, and now she has a project. She's 9, and she's into it.


Spooky Gauze

This is not for houses with cats. Again, ask me how I know. But use this stuff literally everywhere to give a creepy, cool vibe. (It also makes for a great table runner for a Halloween tablescape.)


Spider Lights

I love how weirdly realistic the shape of these spider lights are. It's creepy and wonderful.


Something Cushy

I may or may not have this on my sofa right now. (It's really soft after washing.)


Full Goth Glam

This looks like Miss Havisham went fully into the dark side (darker than the rotten cake thing), and she rested her shawl on the mantle to live forever.


Cool Room Divider

I mean, this is pretty much the perfect entrance into a fully decked out spooky house.