13 Too Cute Halloween-Themed Pregnancy Announcements That Are Out Of This Gourd

by Kristina Johnson
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Whether it's designing the perfect costume, dreaming up the most spook-tacular pregnancy announcement, or both, there’s so much creativity and cuteness in the air this time of year. There are so many fun Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement ideas to get inspired by if you've got special news to share this season, whether you're going for sentimental, hilarious, scary, or something in between. Welcome your baby to the world during the best season of all, otherwise known as spooky season.

Pumpkins are pretty much everywhere during the fall, so it probably won't come as a surprise that you'll see a lot of them being incorporated into pregnancy announcements. There are a ton of different ways to do that, however, and no two pumpkin pics are exactly alike. And if gourds aren't your thing, of course there are plenty of non-pumpkin options to unveil your big news, including some amazing costumes that clue people in and give them a good laugh, too. Sometimes a clever Halloween-themed t-shirt is all you need. Lean in to the many themes of the season to share your happy news in a unique (and perhaps slightly weird) way. Here are 13 awesome pregnancy announcements from Halloween-loving parents-to-be that might just spark your own big reveal.


Pumpkin Patch Sibling Announcement

Embrace fall festivities with an adorable pumpkin patch announcement. If your kid is going to be a big sibling, then take a page from @Claire_Kellett’s feed and stage pics where your big kid is surrounded by lots of pumpkins.


Pumpkin Patch Couple Announcement

Honestly, this precious pumpkin photo shoot shared by @tophotography has everything you could want in a Halloween-inspired pregnancy announcement. The couples’ matching shirts that read “It’s Not A Trick” and “We’re Expecting A Little Treat” are beyond sweet.


Costumed Family Announcement

Family theme costumes are already fun, but this announcement takes it to the next level. Everything about @EventMktgMaven’s announcement is ghoulishly amazing, including those gnarly costumes, but I’m most impressed by the expressions that this family pulls.


Pumpkin Carving

This precious jack o’lantern from @TDCJason features an intricately carved baby in utero to announce their happy news. If you’d like to craft a similar design, check out the best tools for pumpkin carving that will make your creation so much easier, as noted in Bustle. (Honestly, a Dremel makes the whole process a cinch.)


A New Baby Ghoul

How cute is this little family of ghosts from @Dazzlefrazzled? All it takes is some white paper bags and colorful construction paper to copy the look.


A Gorgeous Cornucopia

Crafty mom @tierneyriggsphotography said it with style, announcing her baby news on Instagram in a gorgeous cornucopia wreath. Bonus: you can reuse it as fall decor.


A Spooky Surprise

Die-hard Halloween fan @feelingraceful opted for full-on scary costumes in her Twitter baby announcement. Something tells me elaborate family Halloween costumes are in this family's future.



Singer Jessica Simpson went with a pun in her Halloween baby announcement, announcing she was "going to be a mummy" while dressed as one. Wrap some crepe paper or toilet paper around yourself and you can easily mimic this mummy.


A Very Revealing X-Ray

Those skeleton shirts are an easy costume for pregnant mamas, but mom-to-be @_kittiekaboom_ gave hers a hilarious and unique twist by turning it into a X-ray. Dad's matching scrubs make the couple's announcement extra fun.


Not A Trick

As if the above couple's hilarious X-ray picture weren't enough to get the message across, they also came up with this pumpkin-shaped sonogram to share their baby news.


The Cutest Pumpkin Sibling

This family's pumpkin patch is about to get a little more crowded, and @mrscrissyroberts found an adorable way to make her firstborn part of the announcement. Seriously, can you even handle the cuteness?


One Little Pumpkin

If you're waiting until you're well into the second trimester to announce your pregnancy, your baby might just be around the same size as this cute little pumpkin snapped by @tristinsmommy.


A Well Placed Pumpkin

Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington let the pumpkin do the talking in her simple but chic announcement. I can't help but wonder if she was daydreaming about how long it would be before her baby bump was as big as the pumpkin.


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