The Hanna Andersson 'Wizard Of Oz' Collection Is Going To Send You Over The Rainbow

Perhaps it is because Halloween is in the air, but I love seeing all the recent collaborations with amazing children's clothing brands and my favorite childhood characters. They're everywhere, and it's exactly why I'm following the yellow brick road to Hanna Andersson's new Wizard of Oz pajama collection. I mean, ruby red slipper moccasins for my little gals? Yes, please. In this latest brand pairing, you'll find long john pajama sets highlighting each character from Wizard of Oz, matching hats, ruby slippers as mentioned above, and in case parents are feeling left out, a pajama set for the entire family. Now we're talking.

Like many of you, Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite classic movies from childhood. True, it's given me an irrational fear of tornadoes, but other than that, you could not find a more timeless family-friendly film. As Dorothy searches for her home, dodging flying monkeys and a cackling wicked witch along the way, she makes the most wonderful misfit friends, all searching for something that was inside them all along. Quite the adventure, and it doesn't get better than Judy Garland (speaking of, I'm more than ready to see the movie coming out soon about her).

I'm over the rainbow about this collection, and you will be, too.


Dorothy Braids

OK, so not only do these braids match the "Dorothy" long john pajama set, but this comfy braided hat is perfect for dress-up or a Halloween costume.


Dorothy PJs

I love how the gingham pattern in Dorothy's dress perfectly corresponds with the stripes in this PJ set, and that the material is made out of organic cotton. These Wizard of Oz pajamas will keep your little Dorothy cozy in the winter months.


Cowardly Lion Hat

Roar! This Cowardly Lion hat will be perfect for your little lion. Comes in size S, M, or L.


Cowardly Lion PJs

The Cowardly Lion isn't so cowardly anymore in this cheerful pajamas set. Happy they didn't forget his red bow, either.


Tin Man Hat

Your little tin man will melt your heart in this oil can-shaped hat. Turns out, his heart was there all along.


Tin Man PJs

Normally I wouldn't endorse a child wearing anything with a weapon on it, but since the Tin Man can't help the fact that he is holding that ax, I'll make an exception in this case. Plus, who can forget the Tin Man's smile?


Scarecrow PJs

The first friend that Dorothy makes on her adventure, Scarecrow is as loyal as they come. Here, he proudly displays his diploma given to him by the Wizard of Oz. Love the deep green of this pajama set, made from organic cotton.


Glinda The Good Witch Crown

A crown for your good little witch (much preferred over her sister's black hat). I see lots of dress-up time in her future with this sweet accessory. The only thing that's missing is the wand and giant bubble.


Glinda The Good Witch PJs

For little ones obsessed with the color pink and magical wishes, the Glinda the Good Witch pajamas are positively dreamy. I still remember being in awe when I saw Glinda arrive in her magical bubble the first time I watched The Wizard of Oz. Imagine your little one seeing it for the first time while wearing these pajamas! Too cute.


'Wizard Of Oz' PJs

Not only does this particular set incorporate the entire Wizard of Oz movie by including all the characters, but each member of the family can wear them. Sign me up, please. Also, these double as long johns for adults, which I love. Thanks for keeping us warm and cheerful this winter, Hanna Andersson.


Ruby Red Slipper Moccasins

Saved the best for last. These Dorothy ruby red slippers are just the cutest. Perfect for wearing around the house and cozy nights under a blanket on the couch, these moccasins are warm and durable. There's no place like home, right?