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There's Compelling Evidence For This Hannah B. Windmill Sex Theory

Fans have patiently awaited Hannah Brown's verbal smackdown of Luke P. all season long and it looks like they'll finally get it as her remaining guys head into fantasy suites. One particularly satisfying moment from the teaser includes Hannah's breezy announcement that she "f*cked in a windmill"...twice! Of course, exactly what happened isn't clear yet, but Hannah B. windmill sex theories are still flying amongst fans.

On the group's last night in Amsterdam, Hannah shockingly (or not so shockingly) gave Luke her final rose, sending Garrett home. That means Luke, Tyler, Peter, and Jed are the lucky guys heading into hometown dates next week. The windmill conversation unfolds over a dinner, where Luke asks if he and Hannah can talk about sex before heading into fantasy suites. Now, Luke's put his foot in his mouth before when it comes to slyly sex-shaming Hannah, but he managed to wriggle his way out of it at the time. This conversation looks very different.

Part of the promo also addresses Luke's fervent faith — it would appear that he invites Hannah along with him to a service of some kind — and he's spoken before about the so-called sanctity of sex. In the teaser, Luke tells Hannah over dinner that if she had sex with anyone else over the course of the season or during fantasy suites, then he would send himself home, because his future wife would never do such a thing. Hannah promptly shoves him into a car and sends him on his way, saying, "I have had sex, and honestly? Jesus still loves me."

"From — obviously — the way you feel, me f*cking in a windmill? You probably want to leave," she sputters. Later, in a confessional interview, she adds, "I f*cked in a windmill and guess what? We did it a second time." Luke looks shocked but fans will have to wait and see how he processes the information. Meanwhile, here are a few possible explanations for Hannah's windmill moment.


It Was Jed

One intrepid fan actually went back and pored over the promo to spot a windmill during the mini-montage of moments on Jed's hometown date. It's compelling evidence that perhaps Hannah and Jed had sex, which would track with their relationship progress, too. Jed told Hannah he was falling in love with her after serenading her at her hotel balcony in Latvia and the next week, in Amsterdam, Hannah returned the "I'm falling in love with you," too. He's the first person to whom Hannah's made any kind of love confession, and they have pretty steamy chemistry. I think the theory that Hannah and Jed had sex on his hometown date holds water.


She Had Sex With Someone In The Netherlands

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Another possibility is that Hannah snuck off with one of her top seven guys while visiting the Netherlands on the last leg of international travel before hometown dates. We didn't see any windmill dates on camera, but, given that the country is known for its windmills, it's entirely plausible that there was some off-camera day trip or mid-travel moment where Hannah absconded with one of the guys while visiting the country's picturesque windmills.


It Was Tyler

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For Tyler's hometown date, he's bringing Hannah back to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. The state may not be known for its windmills, but do you know what it is known for? Golf. (Stay with me, here.) What if Tyler took Hannah on a mini golf date during his hometown and they snuck off into one of those novelty putt-putt windmills for some hookup time that escalated unexpectedly?

Tyler and Hannah also have a pretty intense physical connection, so I could see them getting carried away enough to pull off a quickie in the middle of a date. Admittedly, doing it twice feels like a little bit of a stretch, but hey, shoot days are long and there is a lot of downtime between setups. It could happen.

Regardless of whether Bachelor Nation ever finds out the story behind Hannah's windmill sex, it was extremely bad*ss of her to shut down Luke's sex-negativity with the quickness when he started spouting off about her sex life. Ultimately, what Hannah chooses to do with her body and in her relationships is her business. The right partner for her will be one who embraces her experiences and how they've shaped Hannah into the person she is — not one who views them as "mistakes" to rise above.