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Hannah Found A Surprise In Peter's Car On His 'Bachelorette' Hometown Date

The first stop on Hannah's hometown date with Peter was meeting "his baby," a zippy little sports car, which he promptly whisked the Bachelorette away in. But when Hannah found a condom in Peter's car armrest, an awkward, adorable, hilarious moment ensued.

Peter's hometown date location was already pretty familiar to Hannah — he grew up outside Los Angeles in Westlake Village, California — but he did his best to take her on a novel set of adventures. After they piled into his Mercedes for a romantic drive, Hannah's curiosity got the better of her and she decided to pop open the armrest. "I'm going to investigate in here," she said very seriously while Peter laughed. The first discovery Hannah made was an empty box of Altoids — a red flag, to be sure, but Peter assured her there was gum further down if she kept digging.

Next, Hannah found a prayer card (yes, really), which Peter explained by saying, "Yes, ma'am, I'm definitely very blessed." And then came the big reveal: Hannah pulled out a condom with a huge grin on her face. Peter looked panic-stricken and blurted out, "Okay, let's not put that on camera," but Hannah was already laughing.

"What's that for?" she teased, clearly very tickled by the whole thing. "Why do you have a rubber?" Peter was super embarrassed, but Hannah kept ribbing him, saying very sternly, "Peter, we're just holding hands and kissing in this car."

Eventually, he got over himself and started making jokes, too, volunteering, "I'm safe in everything I do — flying and otherwise."

That convenient bit of foreshadowing took them to their next activity: flying in a two-seater plane, complete with a fly over the Bachelor mansion and his own family's home. Peter was bubbling over with joy during the date and his family, perhaps predictably, was incredibly wholesome and supportive of the whole thing.

His mom Barbara easily picked up on the fact that her son had turned into a human heart-eyes emoji in the time since she'd seen him last and was admittedly pretty worried for him. But she was also really trusting of her son's big feelings and obviously loved seeing how much he had to give. Even Peter's dad got choked up seeing how into Hannah Peter was.

Peter has admitted in many a confessional interview that he's falling in love with Hannah, and he willingly told both of his parents about it. But he has yet to say it to Hannah herself, and, in the end, he chickened out on making it happen during hometowns.

"I wanted to tell her so badly, but as strongly as I feel, it's scary. Obviously, I don't know exactly where she's at, where her heart's at. The potential of — again — opening up my heart to someone and not having it work out, honestly, is like, terrifying to me," he said in a voiceover as he loaded her up into her car to send her off.

"Watching her drive away, I do wish I had said something," he added. "I don't even know what I'm waiting for. When it feels right, it'll happen. I just hope it's not too late."

Unfortunately, this is a fatal mistake contestants make during hometowns, and the ominous music that played as Hannah drove away suggests Peter might not have opened up quickly enough for her. It's a total bummer, but the Peter for Bachelor campaign is already going strong.