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Twitter Loved Hannah For Finally Shutting Down Luke P. On 'The Bachelorette'

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Luke P. has slowly been imploding after a strong start earlier this season, but on Week 3's episode, Hannah shut down Luke on The Bachelorette and Twitter was extremely here for it. In fact, Luke P. was so out of line on the group date that she basically had to put him in his place twice.

Things started to take a turn last week, when Luke said "I love you" to Hannah disconcertingly early. But she was willing to roll with it after talking to him and he got invited onto another group date this week. On the date, Luke tried to steal one-on-one time with Hannah during the activity portion in a not super convenient or reasonable way, and she politely told him they could chat one-on-one later in the night, at the cocktail party. (You know, where that stuff is supposed to happen.)

He also butted in on some other guys' photoshoots with Hannah, openly admitting that he was struggling with watching her kiss and build relationships with other guys. It seemed like a classic case of "this process is not for you, bro," but Luke just doubled down on his possessiveness, trying to score more and more time alone with the Bachelorette, which, of course, horribly backfired.

At the cocktail party, Hannah actually pulled Luke aside first, and gave him a piece of her mind. "I've been struggling with [our connection] because I just feel like you already think it's promised to you and that bothers me a lot," Hannah explained. I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated in a way."

Luke listened, clearly confused, but Hannah went on. "You don't respect that I do have other relationships here for me and that bothers me," she added. "I like confidence but it's like, cocky in a way. I don't like that at all. I want it to change."

Unfortunately, despite her clear communication, Luke didn't really seem to get it. He felt cheated out of real time to talk with Hannah (since she did all the talking in their conversation) so he kept trying to infringe on other guys' time — a thing she had literally just asked him to please stop doing. In fact, Hannah actively shooed him away from her time with other guys, which is pretty unusual for a Bachelorette to do when she's interrupted.

After talking to all the guys individually, Hannah called Luke into the other room again for yet another stern talking-to. A few of the guys worried she'd give Luke the group date rose, but that seemed to be the furthest thing from Hannah's mind.

"I still don't feel like you're getting it," she told Like. "You're not the only relationship here that I have a strong relationship with and I don't feel like you've respected that, even tonight. So I just need you to work harder and fix this, okay?"

Luke agreed, and although he didn't get the group date rose (thank god), he did barely squeak by at the rose ceremony. Hannah really seems to be reaching her limits with him but can he keep milking their early connection to stick around? Bachelor Nation will have to wait and see.

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