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Hannah's Parents Have A Favorite On 'The Bachelorette' & It Throws Hannah Off

Hannah Brown's final two came down to Tyler and Jed, but when it was time for her family to meet them during the two-part finale, there was an obvious favorite. Much like Jed's parents weren't wild about Hannah, Hannah's parents didn't like Jed on The Bachelorette, either, and it prompted a total crisis of faith on Hannah's part.

While Tyler, to put it mildly, absolutely killed it meeting Hannah's parents, Jed struggled significantly more in charming them. Both Hannah's mom and dad walked away from their chats with doubts, which really threw Hannah off. In fact, her response to the situation made it seem like Hannah already had her heart set on Jed and her parents' doubt caused her to question her decision.

For starters, Hannah's parents were less than blown away to hear that Jed intended to pursue a music career. And to be honest, it almost seemed like Jed made things worse for himself by focusing so much on the potential for financial concern. While it's nice that he wants to acknowledge reasonable parental worries about his career choice, he almost came at it too defensively, which only left Hannah's parents feeling on edge about it. When Hannah's dad Robert asked Jed about his goals, his answers just fell flat.

Jed did acknowledge that he had sacrificed a lot to move to Nashville and pursue songwriting. But all he came up with in terms of "goals" was a vague statement about how he planned to pursue a lot of side hustles to be able to financially support a family.

"At this point, my most major accomplishment is that I signed a deal with a dog food company," Jed told a completely expressionless Robert. "I've already written like, their jingle, and that's been my first real breakthrough. I was like, oh, this is the start of something."

Uh, not the strongest showing, my dude. Robert went on to stress that he sometimes works 14- to 16-hour days to make sure his family is taken care of and, needless to say, there was a teeny bit of judgment in his voice that Jed didn't appear willing to do the same. Robert spoke a lot about "the right fit" and "a cohesive family," but it was clear he wasn't a huge fan of Jed.

Hannah's mom Susanne, meanwhile, dropped a sly mention of how long Jed had been in Nashville (implication: without anything big happening for him), which, ouch. She also pointed out how, even if Jed did become successful, that would present a whole other set of problems for the couple, which is actually a great point!

In private, Susanne brought up to Hannah that the lifestyle of being partnered to a musician was a rough one. Tyler, she said, was in a league of his own. But Robert's report was even more scathing.

"[Jed] beat around the bush a little bit, but I think that's his personality, to over-explain things, whereas the other one was a little but more direct about things," he told Hannah, much to her frustration.

She got pretty agitated with her parents' responses and indirectly confessed to Jed that Tyler had done a slightly better job of winning them over. Considering the less-than-warm reception she got during Jed's hometown date, it doesn't seem like these in-laws are going to make things any easier on this couple if they do wind up together.