Aden + Anais Now Has Harry Potter Swaddle Blankets & My Muggle Heart Can't Take It

by Cat Bowen

For adults in my generation, there is perhaps no series of books more emblematic of our childhood and adolescence than Harry Potter. Brands know this, and cater to the love of Hogwarts with ever more tempting goods for Potterheads and their children. For instance, these Harry Potter aden + anais swaddle blankets are perfect for new muggle parents.

Aden + anais makes the gold standard of receiving and swaddle blankets. They are known for their quality muslin construction that's soft, light, and also durable. They swaddle your baby firmly, tuck around them on cooler days, serve as a carpet cover for tummy time, and even work as a towel in a pinch (seriously). This fall, aden + anais released three new Harry Potter themed prints. The first features the golden snitch sailing through the clouds, high above the quidditch field, while the second is adorned with various Hogwarts motifs, and the third is covered in Harry Potter's signature lightning strike. They are 47 inches square, made from pre-washed, 100 percent cotton muslin. In addition to the Harry Potter swaddles, they also have a dream blanket, an oversized blanket, a sleeping bag, and burp cloths.

These Harry Potter swaddle blankets will soon become an indispensable part of your daily life with baby, and they are made so well that they will last for years to come.

I know that $60 sounds like a lot of cash for three blankets, but I promise you that you will get every dollar's worth of use out of them. My children are 11 and 8 and they still have and use their muslin blankets for various reasons. My daughter wraps her own dolls in them, and my son uses his as a cushion for his various gaming controllers and as a placemat on his bed for his snacks. They've been washed hundreds of times, and other than the color fading, they are still in fantastic shape all these years later. I give them to every new parent I'm close with, and urge expectant parents to add them to their baby shower registries.

These new Harry Potter swaddle blankets from the popular baby company are just the icing on the cake of an already near-perfect product. I cannot wait for another of my friends to have a baby, because they are 100 percent getting a set of these adorable muslin blankets. They're gender neutral, and echo a nostalgia for the parents' own childhoods that will be a comfort during those long, long first nights of parenting.

As a serious Potterhead (Ravenclaw, thank you very much), I imagine Lily and James wrapping a young Harry in a blanket very much like this one before hearding off to a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix. Molly Weasley would probably have had at least a dozen that she would use through her seven kids — at least they'd wash themselves?

These Harry Potter swaddle blankets are as soft as the robes of Dumbledore, but perhaps smelling less of mugwort, fluxweed, or knotgrass. (That's essentially the wizard equivalent of an old man smelling of mothballs and cough drops.) They also have a little give to them, so they wrap nice and snug for even the squirmiest of baby witches and wizards.

Ideal for parents who love the books and movies, aden + anais also made these swaddles for those parents that care about durability and comfort. You could plan an entire baby shower and nursery around these blankets, making sure to feature them prominently in the design. The soft gold and cream colors are soothing and timeless, which make them an easy choice as a starting point for any collection for a new baby. Just make sure to get them before they sell out.