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Harry Potter Fans Are Reacting To Alan Rickman's Death On Tumblr With So Many Emotions

This morning the wizarding world suffered a great loss. Snape, who played the muggle Alan Rickman, died at age 69. Snape is one of the most complex people in the Potterverse. He's cruel, he's mysterious, but we learn that he's also loving, devoted, and misunderstood. He goes from being a feared teacher to the half-blood prince, teaching students and fans lessons of humility and integrity along the way. And that is just Snape's character. Much more can be said of Rickman's own integrity. It is a sad day, especially for Harry Potter fans reacting to Alan Rickman's death on Tumblr.

Besides being known for playing Snape, Alan Rickman had one of the most diverse careers imaginable, from Romeo and Juliet to Die Hard to The Deathly Hallows. He also had one of the most recognizable voices on the screen — a favorite of imitators who could get close, but it's always just that: an impression. He could use his grave demeanor for humor, for Shakespeare, and to strike fear into any Gryffindor's heart. The responses to this loss run the gamut from denial to despondency. Here are the themes of Tumblr users' responses.

The Artistic

Some fans turned their sadness into inspiration.

The Nostalgic

Others turned to favorite moments in Potter history.

The Lighthearted

And others still looked to Rickman's own sense of humor.

Alan Rickman will forever be remembered by Harry Potter fans, just as Professor Severus Snape will forever be remembered by Harry Potter. For such a beloved man and beloved wizard, it's no wonder the tributes have been so beautiful, heartbreaking, and heartfelt.

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