Harry Potter Fans Raise Their Wands For Alan Rickman, Insist That Snape Will Forever Be In Their Hearts

It's a tragedy not only for film, but for a legion of film fans as well. Alan Rickman died at 69 years old Thursday after a battle with cancer, shocking fans of the British actor who watched Rickman steal the scenes in films like Love Actually, Die Hard, and more. But the actor, who suffered from cancer in his final days, attracted a group of passionate fans thanks to one project in particular — his work in the Harry Potter franchise. And Harry Potter fans are mourning Rickman, the man they know as Snape, someone who brought so much life to the adaptation of the popular series.

He played a complex character, one who was hated by fans of The Boy Who Lived. But Rickman also breathed being into Snape on the screen — so much being, in fact, that fans of the franchise couldn't help but love the much-maligned character. Even re-reading the books, it's impossible to separate Rickman's portrayal of the character from Rickman himself. And that's something no Memory Charm could make fans forget.

So it was inevitable that, following news of his passing, the Harry Potter community would come out and celebrate the life of one of the most magical actors they've ever known.

Truly, he'll never be forgotten.

For Harry Potter fans, Rickman really was "ours." Someone who understood the legacy of the franchise, someone who understood just how important it was to bring passion to the role. For fans, Rickman will always be just as alive as The Boy Who Lived.

Image: Warner Bros.