This peel-and-stick Harry Potter wallpaper features maps of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, & Diagon Alley.

This Harry Potter Wallpaper Features Maps Of The Wizarding World & I *Need* It

I am currently deep in the throes of Pinterest home decor planning. In my quest for the perfect wall color for my kids room, I found this peel-and-stick Harry Potter wallpaper from RoomMates that took my breath away.

Wallpaper is having a huge moment right now, and it's easier than it has ever been. Gone are the days of painting the backs of paper with layers of glue and painstakingly applying them to the wall, hoping no one shifts a panel until it dries. Now, it applies like contact paper, eases on with a flat edged tool, and the pattern drops are dead simple to follow. For instance, this peel-and-stick Harry Potter wallpaper has an 18-inch repeat, and covers a full 28.29 square feet of wall for $47 at BuyBuy Baby. It's a gorgeous, pale gray-colored paper with a gray and black Hogsmeade and Hogwarts map printed on the surface. It's a dreamy pattern that would work in an office, a child's room, or even a library.

If you're really creative, you could use it to cover an old bookcase, or in the inlayed portions of interior doors. Having used a fair amount of peel-and-stick wallpaper, I would not suggest using it in the kitchen or bathroom, but everywhere else is fair game.

I remember my aunt and my mother lovingly hanging the wallpaper in the bedroom that my sister and I shared as children. The paper was white with pastel rainbows and clouds, and I loved every square inch of it. It looked perfect with our yellow and gold regency style bedroom furniture that my grandmother bought for us at the fancy store downtown. I can still picture my aunt wiping gluey water from the bridge of her nose because the paper my mother was hanging smacked her in the face as it was being applied. My aunt glared at my mother in the way only older sisters can manage.

The first wallpaper I ever applied was of the supremely simple peel-and-stick variety. A girlfriend and I did her whole bedroom in about three hours, and it looked amazing. Honestly, the hardest part was smoothing out the bubbles on her pre-war apartment walls. (Those walls are nothing if not wibbly wobbly.) Three years later, I went over and helped her remove all of it. It didn't even pull off any of the old (probably lead) paint. It was surprisingly simple.

This peel-and-stick Harry Potter wallpaper is perfection for apartment dwellers who want a little pizazz in their spaces, but don't want the permanence of paint.

When I showed this to my daughter, she started plotting. She said that in her new room, she wants a black chair rail with this paper above the chair rail, and a "big black wooden thing at the top" — I think she means crown molding. She loves rooms with bold crown molding. She's my tiny goth who spends an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest. Seriously, you should see her elaborate "cats in libraries" board.

I'm thinking it would also work below the chair rail, with bold black or dark gray on top. Not only would you be using less of the paper, but the visual interest on the lower half of the room would be very exciting.

Here's my best pro-tip: buy at least one more roll than you need, so that if any part of the wall becomes damaged, you can replace that portion of the paper. Sometimes, wallpapers get discontinued, so it's better to have too much in this instance.