JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Has Alex Vause Ever Killed Someone On 'Orange Is The New Black'?

(Spoilers from Season 4, Episode 1 of Orange Is the New Black.) Well, well, well. Usually, when people go to prison, they'll try to reform their criminal past. This time around, though, some of the inmates at Litchfield are just digging themselves into deeper holes inside the penitentiary. And when I say they're digging themselves into deeper holes, I mean that they're digging other people bigger holes — like, holes the size of bodies. On the premiere episode, Alex killed Aydin, in self defense — kind of — and you may be wondering if Alex has ever killed someone on Orange Is the New Black. The short answer is: for some inmates, there's a first time for everything.

On the first episode of the much awaited Season 4, we pick up right where Alex left off, in the greenhouse. This time, though, Alex is being choked by Aydin in the greenhouse. Out of nowhere, Lolly pops up and starts stomping on Aydin's throat, seemingly killing him, putting Alex and Lolly in a less-than-ideal condition.

The two, comically, have to figure out what they're going to do with the body. For the time being, they leave it in the greenhouse with plans of disposing it underneath the floorboards of the greenhouse. Before they are able to do that, Alex realizes Aydin isn't even dead, thus leading her to truly killing him with her own hands.

Things take a bit of a turn when Frieda Berlin finds the body doing her usual gardening duties. But will Frieda expose Lolly and Alex as murderers? As it turns out, Frieda was bored that day, so she decides to help the two dispose of the body. We learn that this is Alex's first time killing someone, but when it comes to Frieda, well, that's none of your business.

So, what does this mean for Alex's future? It could be a sign that things could go south for her. If she's found out, she might be in Litchfield, or worse, for a much longer time. Then again, since Lolly, Alex, and Frieda all participated in the murder and or disposing of the body (they buried him in pieces in the garden), they're all somehow involved, so they all have something to lose.