ABC/Craig Sjodin

Nick's Two-On-One Date Didn't Go As Planned

Just when you think you've seen it all in Bachelor Nation, they find a way to shock you. On Monday night's episode, Nick went on a two-on-one date with Whitney and Danielle L. — and in an unexpected turn of events (if you haven't watched the teasers, anyway), both women were eliminated. Usually in these dates, the bachelor chooses one over the other – so you'd think once the other contestant was sent home, you'd be safe for the week. Nick proved, though, that that is not the case. Has any Bachelor eliminated both contestants during a two-on-one before?

Once Danielle L. found out that she would be on a two-on-one, she knew that spelled trouble. That's because not only does it suck to be on double date where you're fighting over your love interest, but because it ends in at least one person going home. Unfortunately, her fears came to life and she – along with Whitney – were sent home. What happened to them, though, is atypical. As in Corinne and Taylor's two-on-one last week, usually only one person leaves. What gives, Nick?

As it turns out, Nick is not the first Bachelor to send both contestants home from a two-on-one. On Season 19, Chris Soules sent home both Kelsey and Anna I. during their date. Kelsey was that season's "villain," and when Anna I. told Chris her concerns about her, Chris turned around and told Kelsey about it. This high school move resulted in a long, awkward silence that's too cringe-y to look away from.

Such awkwardness did not occur on Whitney and Danielle L.'s date...well, not that kind of awkwardness, anyway. The two contestants did not even have a rivalry – perhaps because neither of them are this season's villain (Corinne wears that crown). They did not even seem to have much of a date: Nick quickly send Whitney home and jetted off the beach with Danielle L, only to send her home come dinner time.

Why did Nick send Whitney and Danielle L. home in a two-on-one? He certainly bucked the tradition of the "one stays, one goes" nature of the date – but he wasn't the first, and he likely won't be the last. Perhaps he realized that neither of them were for him, and didn't want to wait until the next rose ceremony. While we wouldn't waste a date on that, we also would not have kept Corinne around this long — so we can't really predict what Nick will do next.